Shay and Diego LIVE today at

Shay and Diego make our dreams come true
Okay. Seriously, these two have been all over each other all week. And the best is they have been saving up their cum for today. You see, Shay and Diego are putting on a show for you today at 6:00pm (Pacific). Don’t miss anything as these two real-life best friends get into some blazing-hot action with each other for the first time, LIVE! in front of a chat room full of Fratpad members cheering them on and telling them just what they want to see. The guys have promised some making out, a “standing 69” and after that they said they would “see where it goes.” If their antics in the shower or reading Shakespeare to each other this past week (check out the FratPad archives) are any indication, we are in for quite a show. You can bet we’re not going to miss a drop of this pay-per-view event at Frat Pad!

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13 Jul 08 By redmonkey 3 Comments