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We love Shay, as much as we love Shay's body
We’ll get to the scorchingly beautiful Calvin later, we wanted to express our love of Shay, his epic body and his antics around the house. Whether it’s hearing how his Speedo hangs down too loose, his spoon dances with Diego or his love for that penis pump laying around the house, we think we’ve grown a little smitten with him! See what we mean for yourself…

Did you check out Shay and Calvin this past Friday on FratPad? They had a face-off in one of FratPad’s signature Jack-Off Races where the winner blows his load on the loser. If you missed it, fear not, you can still get a healthy dose of the wholesome, naked, jackin’ off sexiness — live at the FratPad, right now! (We also love that FratPad archives footage of each of the guys from the past week).
Anyway, the race was a way to celebrate that the pledges Shay and Calvin are going to hang out at the Pad a little longer, since everyone (include Frat brothers) have fallen in love with these guys. (Seriously, have you checked them out? Fuck me, they’re horny!)

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21 Jul 08 By redmonkey 14 Comments