Playgirl Vintage A-Go-Go!

Tube socks will always be hot
Earlier this week, we reported on Playgirl folding its magazine to go all digital. Well, some brilliant person has created a site with images of Playgirl models from 1973 to 1995&mdash a pretty incredible collection with lots to love.
Now you can commemorate the passing of Playgirl‘s print edition by popping out a hot load or two to some old-school hotness. There’s lotsa bearded, long-haired hunks, some laughable fashions (like Malibu print jammer pants and gold lamé robes), and plenty of texture to the scanned-in pages so you feel like you’ve just sneaked a copy out of your mom or “bachelor” uncle’s underwear drawer.
Our favorite is the guy above with the semi-hard on and milk carton. Yes, it’s porn, but that’s no reason to forget that milk’s a good source of calcium!

09 Aug 08 By paperbagwriter 10 Comments