QC Interview: Marco da Silva

We love you, Marco
Have you ever dreamed of spending 3 months on tour with your favorite Pop Diva? How about doing that 3 times?
We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with the lucky dancer, Marco da Silva, who has just returned from Kylie X 2008, his third tour with Kylie Minogue. He told us a little about his work with the Australian singer, and revealed some details about his personal life and how a guy can win his heart.
The Portuguese dance was born and raised in Germany. A fan of dance and music since he was young, today this 30-year-old dancer living in London, has worked for big names in pop music like Mariah Carrey, George Michael, Geri Halliwell, and of course, Kylie Minogue.
How did you start your career as a dancer?
Well, I went from typical go-go dancer to professional dancer. I got discovered one night in a club while I was dancing. They invited me to a casting for a video and I got the job. They signed me to their agency and that was it. Faster than I could understand the situation, I was working as a professional dancer.
How was your first day of work with Kylie Minogue?
Well, it didn’t hit me actually ’til the moment she came into first rehearsal for the “Showgirl Tour.” I then only understood that I’m actually working for the pop icon that I grew up listening to. She was very sweet right from the beginning. She has no star manners whatsoever.
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We all know how emotional “The Show Girl Homecoming Tour” was. Tell us, what were your expectations about the tour with Miss Minogue? Were you anxious to go on stage?
Well, the show was completely rehearsed and this was a show Kylie had never done so far. It was her biggest tour. Was I anxious? Hell yeah. It was the biggest tour I’ve ever done. I don’t think there is a word to describe now how badly I wanted to hit the stage and live on it.
Did you have a chance to wear the clothes and rehearse with the costumes already? Are the dancers part of the costume design process, since you’d need to be able to dance in them?
Well, dancers never have input on how and what the costumes are going to be. It’s always an exciting challenge for a dancer to make the choreography and the costumes work together. With this tour, we especially had loads to work on since costumes were intricate this tour. Some of them we saw; some of them we only heard about.
Can you reveal any backstage secrets of the X-tour?
No… I’m sorry.
Was there any particular city you couldn´t wait to perform in? Which one had the hottest crowd?
Hmm, let me think… the gayest crowd definitely in Paris (therefore, we call it “gaypari”). The hottest I think was Sydney and the one I couldn’t wait to perform in was Athens because it was our first open-air show and that in the summer was madly exciting. And I heard Greeks are hot.
How are the parties and your days off when you are on tour? Do you party with your colleagues?
Actually, we need to support each other to party less on tour. It’s always easy to party cause you can sleep in the next day. LOL! On a tour like this you grow together very much and become something like a family. And you enjoy doing activities together.
You have been on covers of several magazines and are one of the most popular dancers on tour with Kylie. Have you noticed any jealousy from your stage colleagues?
Well, I don’t think it’s jealousy. I know that I have colleagues who don’t want to be on covers and be featured in magazines. Therefore, they judge me and my strong exposure in the media world, but the haters only make you stronger!!! So therefore, keep hating me, LOL!
We’ve read in another magazine that you worked as a choreographer for the MTV Europe Music Awards. How was that experience?
Well, I was an assisting choreographer for Aicha McKenzie. I was in charge for acts like Avril Lavigne, Mika, My Chemical Romance, and Will.I.Am. It was such a great show to be a part of. It’s Europe’s biggest award show and there is so much more to worry about then only to choreograph certain steps. And since I am German-speaking and the awards were taking place in Munich, I had more to organize and translate.
We love you, Kylie
What can we expect from you in the near future, after the tour?
Well, this tour will be probably my last tour in this environment. I want to leave when I’m on top of my game. So after this tour, I’m going to concentrate on my DJ career. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and I feel now is the right time for me to dig into the DJ world. I have loads of clubs and promoters already just waiting to book me for the near future. So, I’m very excited about my new focus for the new future.
Where can we find you when you are not on stage?
To be honest, most of the time you find me at my home or in my gym cause those are my favorite places to be when I’m off work. I love to be home chillin’ with my roommates, cooking for them, and watch some movies.
Let’s move onto some questions about you… Are you a vain man? Do you have any beauty secrets?
Hmmm… I guess I am vain, but in a healthy way. I’m very confident about my body and looks, but body and looks is not what it’s all about. My personal beauty secret (if that’s how you call it) is that I don’t consume drugs and I rarely have a drink and I drink loads and loads or water. Of course, I eat well and do my regular gym training.
We really love your tattoos, where did your passion for ink come from? Have you lost any job because of them, or have they really helped you to differentiate yourself from other models and dancers?
Both happened to me. I understand that my look has become very special and limited. The tattoos don’t always fit well. Since very young age, I found myself attracted to people who had tattoos and then when I turned 18, I had my first ink done and knew right away I want to have loads. Tattoos are a way to express yourself. It’s a beautiful thing and, thank God, finally accepted from the community.
How do the tattoos reflect your personality? Which one is your favorite?
I don’t think tattoos reflect a personality. It just changes your looks and makes you look tougher and harder but that does not mean anything. It’s really difficult to choose a favorite tattoo since every single one has a special meaning to me, so therefore they are all very special.
How hard was it for you to come out?
Well, I never came out properly ’cause I never could really decide what I want. I am very attracted to girl and love to flirt with them, but lately, I’m sexually drawned to the men… therefore, I never discuss my sexuality.
What’s your perfect man, physically and personality-wise?
Well, physically, I like them fit. It turns me on to know that someone works hard to get a good body. Tattoos are a major plus with me. Personality, I like confident people who are in good terms with themselves and have a great humor and can laugh about themselves. And my biggest weakness is loyalty and honesty. If I can see that in a guy, that is a major attraction to me.
What turns you on?

What turns you off?
What does a guy have to do to please you in bed?
Be versatile.
Do you consider yourself “a perfect husband” or “one night stand”?
I can be perfect at both!
Are you dating someone right now?
No, unfortunately, I am not.
Do you watch porn? Do you have any favorite porn star or studio?
I off-and-on watch porn. Sean Cody is one of my favorite studios.
Have you ever received any invitation to do a porn movie?
Yeah, actually all the big ones have asked me to do a movie with them, but porn is really something that doesn’t interest me to do. I know how hard this business is cause loads of my friends do it and I have nothing more than respect for them.
Do you have any fetishes?
OK, lighting round… what are you playing right now on your iPod?
Dirty, dirty house music.
Latest movie you’ve watched?
The Pursuit of Happiness.
Latest book you’ve read?
The biography of top model, Alek Week
Favorite food?
Any salmon dish.
Do you cook any special dish?
Ha ha… loads of different salmon variations.
Favorite underwear?
Hairy or smooth?

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