Kurt Wild Threatens Subway Boycott For Porn-Related Firing!

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Please, no gay sex in the serving line.
We at QC love Kurt Wild! The 22-year-old is wiry, well-hung, handsome, and an amazing power bottom. But it seems that not everyone appreciates Mr. Wild’s sexual talents. A manager of the Subway Restaurant outside of St. Louis, Missouri fired the young sandwich artist after learning about his porn star past.
Apparently, a customer recognized Kurt from gay porn and promptly got angry that he recognized Kurt from gay porn. The customer then threatened to boycott Subway if Kurt wasn’t fired.
It makes you wonder… what kind of self-loathing porn hound whacks off to Kurt Wild often enough to recognize the guy in public and then gets pissed off when Kurt’s suddenly the one making his sandwich? Did he hope to avoid ever seeing Kurt in public? Was he worried Kurt hadn’t washed his hands? Does being a voracious bottom somehow impair your sandwich making ability?
12-inch meat and cheese sub
Kurt’s just the kinda sub we go for… a real hero!
Kurt’s been downing foot-longs for some time and we imagine he probably does a great job stuffing buns with lots of delicious meat and adding just a tangy squirt of mayo—his two jobs are actually pretty similar. Actually, the chain might even do well to make Mr. Wild their spokesperson. He’s got a handsome face (even when a dick’s shoved in it) and he’s a hell of a lot more attractive than sexless ole’ Jared Fogel (the guy who lost 245 lbs. by eating Subway’s blandest menu items, guzzling diet soda, and power walking for a year… what a fucking miserable life).
However, Kurt’s manager caved under the customer’s empty threat and fired his employee rather than lose the business of a self-righteous porn addict who probably didn’t even leave a tip.
To retaliate, Kurt has considered boycotting America’s largest sandwich chain, but has stopped short of asking other gays to do the same. Quoting an email he widely circulated to industry media: “I should have the right to work anywhere I can and it isn’t right or fair that people can keep me from working simply because of a ‘gay’ issue. If a girl did what we do it would probably be OK…  and if a guy does straight porn… he is bragged about.  When I do gay porn, I feel a bit lynched for the rest of my life. Not right.”
Kurt’s not the only person let go from a team because of their gay porn past. And Subway’s discriminated against people with HIV and turban-wearing employees before.
Kurt’s understandably frustrated—should his gay porn past be allowed to ruin his chance at other unassociated work? It’s not like he’s a politician. He is, however, a married father of three and you gotta assume that takin’ dicks on camera ain’t paying the bills since he’s hustling salami in a sandwich line. Sure he can find other work, but there are larger issues at stake.
What do you think—does Kurt have a hope of any legal recourse or sparking a LGBT Subway boycott? Would he have been fired as a woman or for doing straight porn? Should doing gay porn make you ineligible to hold down other jobs unrelated to butt-fucking and sucking cock? Was Kurt’s Subway manager right to try and avoid a larger PR mess by firing him or has the franchise crossed a line by firing Kurt?
We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.
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