QCA Quickie: Caught In The Act

Weren’t the 70’s far-out? Your mom could catch you getting groovy with yourself and she’d be all new-age and progressive, by which I mean creepy as fuck. Oh my god! This video has already gotten close to a 900,000 views and is it any wonder? The poor kid has this commingled look of fury and shame. What sort of horny preteen doesn’t lock his door or at least block it with some volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica? How about jerking off in the shower or on the pot next time? Geez. At least he left his copies of Honcho and Inches under the mattress this time… now he only has to have one talk with mom instead of two. We’re sure their little heart-to-heart is gonna be real un-awkward. Now would be a good time to pick up a marijuana addiction, the both of you.


20 Nov 08 By paperbagwriter 3 Comments