QC Chinese: Naked Asian Hunk

QC Chinese: Naked Asian Hunk
Hot Asian hunk is naked and wanking! More naked Asians at QC Chinese, arty and hardcore!

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09 Dec 08 By Laam 4 Comments


  • Sam says:

    Just a question but what’s the the Asian obsession. I think the guys you have on here are hot too, but why the need to fetish-ize them into just being an “Asian” attraction? Why not just – another hot guy? I don’t get it.
    EDITOR D: That’s cos they’re hot enough to warrant their own section, category, and sub-blogs. In the new year, we’ll be consolidating efforts in pushing our Asians coverage to another level. Based on our web stats, the highest traffic QC enjoys now hails from the Asian countries, particularly Japan. USA traffic which used to be the bulk 2 years ago now accounts for 30% of total traffic.

  • jerson_05 says:

    so sexy @hot i love it …likea candyman…yummy

  • freak for asian meat says:

    I love hot n sexy asian men so so sexy.

  • Dominic says:

    That is hot as hell

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