VH1 Reality Star In Sex Video

VH1 Reality Star In Sex Video
For those of you who watched VH1’s reality show, I Love New York, you may remember Rico, the delicious Latin hunk who vied for the love of a lass named New York. During his brief stint on the show, Rico called New York “mi negrita,” or ” my little black girl,” which is a term of endearment in Spanish-speaking countries but greatly offended New York. Rico got eliminated in episode 5, as New York explained, “because, simply, this competition is not for him. Rico is…a young kid, he’s a young boy… He wasn’t stepping it up.”
Well, he’s certainly stepping it up now. He’s gone on the Playboy channel’s show Foursome, a dating show with some actual nudity and sex. In the stills above, he has chocolate sauce poured on his large cock and gets head from a big-tittied lady friend. She sucks him off some in the shower and then he fucks her. Man, he’s got such a killer body and big pinga we’d love to see him to fuck or suck the stud as well.
Thanks to Tabloid Prodigy and Dudetube for the pics.

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