UPDATE: Penn And Black’s Pro-Gay Oscar Speeches Censored In Asia PLUS Black’s Sexy Pics

UPDATE (2/26): Did Asian broadcasters censor Penn and Black’s speeches against homophobia? And check out some sexy pics of Milk’s young gay screenwriter… after the jump!
Gus Van Sant’s Milk won two Academy Awards last night: Sean Penn for Best Actor and Lance Black for Best Original Screenplay. The winners’ speeched spoke out against homophobic intolerance striking a chord not only with gay men and artists, but world citizens. Sean Penn’s speech is touching, although he does end with an incoherent closing remark conflating Obama’s election with Mickey Rourke’s comeback… eh?

Lance Black, a gay Mormon born in Texas living in Prop 8 California is a mixed bag of American repression. But his speech is awesome. He encourages young gay youth to have hope. It’s amazing to think that Lance raised with so much cultural baggage against him, unfettered himself and made a great work about an inspiring gay hero. Towleroad ran a great exclusive recently where Lance discussed his experience growing up gay and writing about Harvey Milk… truly inspiring.
In other good news, Elton John raised millions for an AIDS foundation at an Oscar party fundraiser. For a quick list of Oscar winners, click here.

UPDATE (2/26): After winning the Oscar for Best Screenwriter, some sexy photos of Dustin Lance Black surfaced from Vogue Paris Pour Hommes, shot by Milk director, Gus Van Sant. He’s a handsome, worked-out little blockbuster and now that he’s got an Oscar, he’s set for life. However, with his hotness also comes a bit of badness…
Several sources today report that both Lance Black and Sean Penn’s acceptance speeches for Milk may have been censored to remove any mention of homosexuals from Asian broadcast. The Associated Press reports:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Gay Asians voiced indignation Wednesday after television broadcasts of the Academy Awards in their region censored the words “gay” and “lesbian” in speeches that called for equal rights for homosexuals…

But viewers who caught recorded telecasts in the evening on STAR, an Asian satellite TV service that says it reaches more than 300 million viewers in 53 countries, noticed that the sound was removed whenever both men mentioned “gay” or “lesbian”…

Jannie Poon, STAR’s Hong Kong-based spokeswoman (QC EDITOR: Haha… Poon), stressed that the company had no intention of upsetting any viewers, but said it has “a responsibility to take the sensitivities and guidelines of all our markets into consideration.”

It’s a real shame especially since this year’s Oscars was the most widely broadcasted internationally. It seems that Harvey Milk’s legacy still has much to accomplish not only in America, but around the world.


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