Donahoe Loses NCAA Championship: National Champion Wrestlers Are Fratmen!

Donahoe wrestles with his past
UPDATE (3/21/09): We were all pulling from the hard-working, open-minded, and big-dicked comeback kid, Donahoe (aka Nash) to win the NCAA championship, but unfortunately, he got defeated BY JUST ONE POINT to another undefeated wrestler, Troy Nickerson from Cornell. No word yet from Donahoe or the press on the loss or his plans, since he’ll graduate in July. Maybe he’ll go back to Fratmen? Fingers crossed… it’s a tough economy and he had no reservations about what he did. If he gets hard up for a job, he can get us hard up too and make a few thousand in the process.
Donahoe Loses NCAA Championship
Read it and weep…
Looking at the stats above, we’re a little bummed that Donahoe lost. Although he and his competitor were both undefeated this season, Donahoe had 32 wins this season; Nickerson only had 20. That’s a dozen more men that Donahoe pinned down before even getting to the final round. Secondly, Nickerson got that extra point based on a technicality, an illegal holding maneuver that Donahoe did. Even Nickerson said, “I got lucky he had that lock-and-hand call.” We’re happy however that Donahoe didn’t get his ass kicked outright. According to the play-by-play, Nickerson got his last point in the final round by holding onto Donahoe for dear life while Donahoe tried to kick out. In the end, Nickerson won by JUST ONE POINT! Arrgh! We know it’s enough, but if they’d had American Idol style voting, Donahoe would’ve won in a gay landslide. We’re also happy that in the final coin toss that Donahoe chose “bottom.” He’s got a big cock, but if he wants to bottom, that suits us just fine!
It’s also important to remember that Paul Donahoe got to the top of this mountain of muscley men by beating a one-legged wrestler, Arizona State sophomore Anthony Robles, last week.

“He didn’t beat me because I was born with one leg,” Robles said. “He beat me because he was just the better wrestler tonight. It’s that simple.”

Yeah… OK, Robles. We’re not saying Robles is not a good wrestler (he scored 2 points to Donahoe’s 5 during the mostly defensive match), but that extra leg might have come in handy. We also feel a little odd about our Fratman Nash pinning down an amputee; not exactly a heroic image… and if he’s gonna pin down anybody, it should be us! We wouldn’t fight back (much) and the loser gets to bottom! Oh well, even if he doesn’t take us up on the offer, we’re in Donahoe’s corner and wish him post-collegiate success, whether in the ring or just in our fantasies.
More at OutSports.

Paul Donahoe (Edinboro) interviewed after first-round win at NCAA Championships.
You can read all the Fratmen wrestler coverage that QC did after the jump!

Fratmen Nash and Cal are National Champion Wrestlers!
Remember one of Fratmen‘s latest update Nash who got all of you ooohing and aaahing (god knows how many loads he’s illicited)? Well, he’s just got hotterer!
An anonymous source has matched the cock of Nash to the face of one National Champion wrestler (the faces match too, of course). In addition, Fratman Cal (not as perfect as his predecessor, but almost!) who made his appearance right after Nash turns out to be a National Champion wrestler himself too.
Talk about a double whammy! Now we know where the boys earned those taut and hard bodies.
The coach has just released a statement about the investigation into the matter. We’re 100% positive it’s a match. We have no word if the contents are going to stay on Fratmen for now but will check and keep everyone posted.
Nash at
Cal at
Stay tuned to QueerClick for a more in-depth report (which we’re working on right now) and new developments.
UPDATE 8/11:
Breaking News: National Champion Wrestlers Are Fratmen!
It’s a match! More photos after the jump!
UPDATE 8/11:
Sorry folks, Fratmen has got in touch a few minutes ago. It’s alright to blog about the issue, however permission to use their images within this context has been withdrawn. That pretty much confirms our findings then. We had intentionally left out names and specific information about the boys from our earlier post, preferring to do responsible news reporting within our means. Furthering that fashion, we’d like to see to the studio’s request. The models’ faces on the preview section on Fratmen have been swapped with body shots. However, the videos and picture set are still available in the Members section AS OF RIGHT NOW. We don’t need to remind you to grab them asap before you know what happens.
Sorry for those who missed the full coverage. We’ll leave whatever we can up. If anything, let this be a gentle reminder to check back on QC more regularly! 😉
Breaking News: National Champion Wrestlers Are Fratmen!
UPDATE 8/12: In seemingly contradictory developments, recent media reports indicate that Fratmen has refused to confirm the identities of the models to University officials, citing a policy to protect their models. However, these same news reports also state that Fratmen is working with the school to maintain the athletes’ NCAA eligibility.
UPDATE 8/13: Since this story, complete with names, has appeared in every mainstream news source possible, we feel it’s now safe to reveal all the details. According to ESPN, Paul Donahoe (“Nash”) and Kenny Jordan (“Cal”) were dismissed from the University of Nebraska wrestling team earlier tonight.
“The history of behavior of these men, including the current matter, does not reflect the standard of excellence we aspire to on and off the mat,” coach Mark Manning said in a statement. “We have outstanding student-athletes in our program and we will move forward in a positive manner toward our goals. I want to personally apologize for any embarrassment that may have been caused for our athletic department, the university and our fans.”
ESPN is also reporting that “Jordan and Donahoe have had a series of run-ins with the law in Lincoln. Jordan has paid fines for possessing or consuming alcohol as a minor, trespassing and assault, and Donahoe for maintaining a disorderly house and having an open alcohol container.”
Says John Marsh, owner of Fratmen, “If Nebraska is going to be pigheaded and kick him off unreasonably there has to be another wrestling program that’s going to want him… I’m in my mid-40s, and my generation has a stigma about porn. The kids, the generation of the student-athletes, don’t have that stigma. They really don’t care. They’ve come from a Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson sex tape generation, Myspace pages,” Marsh said. “The shame and stigma aren’t there for them. They’re mostly worried about what their parents are going to think, because their parents think it’s horrifying.”
UPDATE 8/15: Kenny Jordan (“Cal”) has come out of hiding and confessed that he “messed up.”
“I made a bad decision and I got in trouble,” Jordan said in a phone interview with the Daily Nebraskan. “My punishment is definitely fair.”
When asked how much he was paid for the photos and videos, Jordan hung up.
Paul Donahoe (“Nash”) has yet to speak on the scandal.
UPDATE 8/15: When reached by phone by The Flint Journal — a newspaper near his hometown — Paul Donahoe (“Nash”) said, “I can tell you that I am transferring and will wrestle next year. That’s all I want to say now.” He didn’t indicate which school he will be transferring to.
The Flint Journal also interviewed two of Donahoe’s teammates:

“I was shocked about the whole thing when I heard about it and it’s really sad when some little stupid fling that he did puts him in such a tough situation,” said Kyle Chittick, who now wrestles at Cleveland State University. “This is something I never even thought I’d ever hear about Paul, but I really feel bad for him that this one bad decision gets blown up so much. I don’t think that’s justified.”
Chittick said he spoke with Donahoe soon after the news broke.
“I think he is more worried about his future in wrestling than anything else and this is the last thing he wanted to deal with as his senior year is coming up,” Chittick said. “The last thing he wanted to do was leave Nebraska. Paul is one of the hardest working athletes I know and is a great student too. Nothing is going to keep him from going after his goal of winning another NCAA championship.”
Chittick added he did not ask Donahoe for an explanation.
“I really didn’t want to get into the reasons he did this,” he said. “I just wanted to keep our conversation simple and supportive.”
Trevor Perry, a two-time NCAA qualifier at the University of Indiana, was Donahoe’s high school teammate from 2002-04.
“I really feel bad for Paul, bad decision or not,” Perry said. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through. I’m sure he’s in a lot of pain, but the Paul I know is going to deal with it and concentrate on the future.”

UPDATE 8/22: The AP reports that this wasn’t the first time the wrestling duo had violated NCAA rules: “Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne says the two wrestlers dismissed last week after appearing on a pornographic Web site had run afoul of NCAA rules on a previous occasion. Osborne said Friday the athletic department had declared Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan ineligible once before for violating the extra-benefits rule. Osborne says the athletic department had to appeal to the NCAA to have the pair reinstated. Each was suspended one match.”
UPDATE 8/26:
Hold me tighter, coach...
A QC reader recently sent us these photos of Nash (Paul Donahoe) and Cornhuskers wrestling coach Tom Osborne taken from University of Nebraska website before they were pulled down. Looks like the stunning wrestlestud and coach were quite close!
UPDATE 8/27:
Paul Donahoe (“Nash”) has transfered to Edinboro University and hopes to compete as a wrestler during his second semester on campus. He has already started classes.
According to a Nebraska newspaper:

“I have two goals,” Donahoe told the Erie Times-News on Monday. “I want to become the first two-time NCAA champ from two different schools. And I want to help the team get a trophy.”

Donahoe declined to comment on the photos, on his dismissal from Nebraska’s wrestling team or on reports that he or Jordan are considering a lawsuit against the university.
Asked if he was concerned scrutiny will follow him to Edinboro, the Times-News reported that Donahoe’s eyes filled with tears.
“I’m just really thankful they have given me this opportunity to come here and finish my career,” Donahoe said. “So far everyone I’ve met has been great.”
Donahoe said several other schools expressed interest in him but declined to identify them.
“If we hadn’t taken him, there is a line of schools, schools in the Big Ten, that would have taken that chance,” Edinboro Athletic Director Bruce Baumgartner told the Times-News. “I’m sure we’ll get some (criticism). People make mistakes all the time, and I think he deserves a second chance.”

Nash Wins League Title
On your knees, you hot fuck

UPDATE 3/11/09: According to Outsports, Paul Donahoe (Fratmen’s “Nash”), who now wrestles for Edinboro in northwestern Pennsylvania, won the 125-pound title at the Eastern Wrestling League tournament this weekend. He finished the conference season at 31-0 and was ranked as the top 125-pounder in the nation. We congratulate him and wish him luck as he competes nationally in St. Louis, March 19-21. He already won the 125-pound national title while at Nebraska… let’s see if he can do it again!
UPDATE (3/18): Today, The Boston Globe wrote a feature about the travails of Paul Donahoe (’s “Nash”) and the whole so-called scandal. It’s actually the first time we’ve seen in-depth coverage in any mainstream newspaper on the issue. Donahoe comes across as such a clear-headed, hardworking person that it’s impossible to hold the naked pics against him; though there’s something else we’d sure like to hold against him.
Donahoe wrestles with his past
Paul Donahoe says he agreed to do free-lance work on an adult website out of financial need. A national champion wrestler at the University of Nebraska, was dismissed from the team for posing nude on a pornographic website. He has been given a second chance at the University of Edinboro in Edinboro, Pa. (Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)
EDINBORO, Pa. – Wrestling had been Paul Donahoe’s life since he was 6 years old and pinned his first opponent in a mere six seconds. In high school, he was chosen Mr. Wrestler for the state of Michigan in 2004. In college, he was a two-time All-American and a national champion at the University of Nebraska. And then, in less time than it took him to pin an opponent, his life was tangled up in blue.
Donahoe and teammate Kenny Jordan were dismissed from the Nebraska wrestling team last Aug. 12 after a campus blog posted pictures of them taken from a website that features photos and videos of naked male athletes for a gay audience. Nebraska, citing NCAA rules that prohibit the use of an athlete’s image for commercial gain, also accused Donahoe of additional violations.
Donahoe was shattered. “It was very stressful,” he says. “It was two weeks before school started.” But with the help of his Michigan high school coach, Donahoe transferred to Edinboro University and was reinstated by the NCAA after sitting out a semester.
This season, the 5-foot 5-inch senior is unbeaten (32-0) and ranked No. 1 in the nation in the 125-pound class. But he has been stung by negative publicity and what he perceives as a double standard in sports.
“I didn’t do anything illegal,” he says. “I didn’t hurt anyone. I don’t think I did anything wrong. Who should I apologize to?”
At Saturday’s NCAA wrestling championships in St. Louis, Donahoe plans on being a national champion again, just as he was in 2007. There’s a fire in his belly. “Being dismissed motivated me a little bit,” he says. “I’m a competitive person. But, realistically, 32-0 doesn’t matter. The regular season is just preparation for the NCAA.”
Bruce Baumgartner, the Edinboro University athletic director, is a four-time Olympic medalist in wrestling. He was chosen to carry the US flag in the 1996 opening ceremonies in Atlanta. He saw a trembling Muhammad Ali light the Olympic torch decades after refusing to fight in Vietnam. He believes in redemption and took a chance on Donahoe. “We’ve all made mistakes,” says Baumgartner. “Not that I condone what he did, but there are players all across the country on college teams that actually have broken the law or harmed people that are still competing.” “We decided we would give him an opportunity to get an education at Edinboro University while competing, hopefully, for another national championship. To me the graduation is more important than the title.”
Donahoe wrestles with his past
“Obviously I did it for the money,” Donahoe said about the infamous photo shoot for which he was paid thousands of dollars. (Globe photo)
Publicity and ridicule
Edinboro is in northwestern Pennsylvania, nestled in a triangle roughly 110 miles from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo. For Donahoe, it might as well be heaven. “They obviously gave me a second chance to wrestle again,” he says. “I’m thankful for that. It’s everything to me. I think the new coaches and new workout partners really helped me.” At a news conference at Edinboro when he arrived on campus, Donahoe’s eyes filled with tears when he was asked about the scrutiny following him to his new school. He also lost 24 credits in the transfer and won’t graduate until July.
He has been the butt of many jokes and ridicule on the Internet. “I am straight, but on the forums people make a lot of gay jokes about me,” he says. “I’m not too concerned. They can talk about me all they want, it doesn’t matter. If a guy wants to be with a guy, who cares?”
He’s telling his story now because he believes college wrestling needs more exposure, no pun intended. Some programs have been eliminated, while others are threatened by budget cuts. “I want people to watch the sport,” he says. “It’s not like other sports. It’s not something that you go out and do for fun, because if you go out there and someone’s tougher than you, you’re going to take some whipping. But once you become a wrestling fan, I’m pretty sure you’ll always be a wrestling fan.”
Tim Flynn, the Edinboro wrestling coach, took some advice from Donahoe’s Davison (Mich.) High School coach, Roy Hall. “He said he’s a great kid, but he doesn’t always make the right choices,” says Flynn. “He needs guidance, which they all do, but he’s going to be the hardest-working kid in the room, which he is.”
Donahoe wrestles with his past
Donahoe said neither he nor teammate Kenny Jordan (who also posed for the site) thought anyone would find out about the pictures because the website panders to a gay audience. (Globe Photo)
Complex persona
Donahoe’s friends say he’s complicated, that his life is a dichotomy. For example, he agrees to pose nude and appear in a porn video but has trouble giving a simple talk in front of his speech class at Edinboro. “My biggest fear is public speaking,” he says. “I get so nervous before I go on. I don’t know why. Isn’t that funny? I can wrestle on ESPN and it doesn’t bother me.”
Donahoe always has been different. When he was 6, he begged his parents to sign him up for a wrestling match. “I pinned a kid in six seconds,” he says. “That was my first match.” Donahoe’s parents had five children, but then went through a messy divorce. He says his family is lower middle class. He wears ripped jeans and drives an old white Grand Am with directional signals that don’t work. “I’ve basically been on my own since I was a freshman in high school,” he says.
Jennifer Hall, the wife of Roy Hall – Donahoe says they are like parents to him – was even blunter. “There isn’t any money to be had,” she says. “He’s a great kid, but complicated. He’ll do whatever it takes to survive.”
Donahoe wrestles with his past
Donahoe was initially identified by tattoos of the letter “N” and the word “Wrestling” on his left thigh. The University of Nebraska cited NCAA rules prohibiting college athletes from using their images for commercial gain, among other violations, as reasons for Donahoe’s dismissal. (Globe Photo)
Fateful decision
Donahoe told no one about the photo shoot.
“Obviously, I did it for the money,” he says. “We kept thinking no one would ever find out because it was a gay website and we really wanted that money.”
He says it started when he received offers on his Myspace page. “They left me a lot of messages, so I thought, ‘What the heck?’ People do worse for money, so . . .”
His expenses were covered for a trip to Los Angeles and he was paid several thousand dollars. He was given the name “Nash” and identified as being from New England. He and Jordan were shown DVDs of naked women. “They were very professional,” says Donahoe. “But me and Kenny both thought it was weird.”
He doesn’t consider what he did pornography.
“Maybe the site, yeah, but me personally, no,” he says. “I don’t think so.”
Once the video was posted, Donahoe was initially identified by the letter “N” and the word “wrestling” tattooed on his left thigh.
“They were supposed to cover it up but obviously they left it,” he says. “Gay kids in Lincoln [Neb.] wrote, ‘Hey, nice website. I saw you.’ I wrote back, ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ but with word of mouth, people found out.”
Donahoe was tossed off the team but not out of the university. Nebraska self-reported the violation to the NCAA. “They said I promoted my image,” says Donahoe. “That’s illegal in the NCAA rules. I had to pay all the money back, a couple of thousand, to a nonprofit.
“I believe it was unfair for Nebraska to dismiss me from the team. For one, there’s plenty of athletes throughout the University of Nebraska who have had DUIs and who have been in fights and are still playing. But I guess that’s OK. Posing nude, I guess, is worse than someone drinking and driving and risking someone’s life, in their eyes.”
At a news conference last August, Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne denied that the wrestlers were railroaded. He said the university had notified the NCAA about another issue involving Donahoe last March but declined to be specific.
Donahoe says it was over an iPod. “We get gifts at the Big 12 tournament,” he says. “We got a touch iPod and I sold it because I already had one, and that’s an NCAA violation and they turned me in for that. They just threw that in there to make it sound like I was worse, probably.” He also was cited for having a disorderly house party and having an open container of an alcoholic beverage. “They didn’t want me on their team, and they have no shot at winning the NCAA this year,” says Donahoe.
Last year, Donahoe finished third in the NCAAs despite a dislocated shoulder. Nebraska’s wrestling team is currently ranked fourth in the nation. Edinboro, a Division 2 school with a Division 1 wresting program, is 14th.
Donahoe wrestles with his past
“We’ve all made mistakes,” Edinboro University athletic director Bruce Baumgartner said. “Not that I condone what he did, but there are players all across the country on college teams that actually have broken the law or harmed people that are still competing.” (Globe Photo)
Support is out there
Edinboro teammate Gregor Gillespie, a national champ himself, says his teammates admire Donahoe. “He’s really cool,” says Gillespie. “Before the season, a lot of people were talking bad about him. Like, ‘We don’t want him at our school.’ Right now, he’s proving people wrong. He’s had to switch coaches, schools, friends, that had to be a pain. He’s heard people yelling stuff like ‘homo,’ but none of that bothers him, he just brushes that all off.” Donahoe says the reaction to him is “way more positive than negative.” He has more than 1,400 friends on Facebook.
“I’ve had a ton of people Myspace me and say, ‘I hope everything works out,’ ” he says. “I read them all. I’m thankful for people supporting me.
“The plan is to win this weekend. Watch ESPN. I’m pretty tough. Just say I’m a survivor.” He also plans on attending USA Wrestling’s World Team trials in May and then making the Olympic team.
Some producers from New York contacted Donahoe about starring in a new reality show, he says, flashing a smile. “I never got back to them.”
Donahoe wrestles with his past

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