Drake Bell’s Bell

Drake Bell's Bell
A beloved reader, Karmaisabitch, posted a great Sticky to some yummy bulge pics of young actor and musician, Drake Bell, dressed like a foppish dandy in New York City. He’s got a frilly cravat, fancy coat, and black denim jeans that look a little tight. Not that we’re complaining… thanks to those jeans, we all get a closer look at Drake Bell’s bell. The young guy’s hung and we’re betting that’s just his semi. We wonder for whom his bell tolls: is it that beehived, pink-booted chippie standing next to him or the young dude licking the ice cream cone after the jump? Hell, maybe Drake just turns himself on and he can’t help getting hard just hanging around. Luckily, we’ve got more shots of his goodness to drool over after the jump.
Thanks Karmaisabitch! You were right… we loved these pics! For more celerbity bulges, check out The Bulge Report.

Drake Bell's Bells 2

24 Mar 09 By paperbagwriter 8 Comments