Where Is All The Mormon Porn?

Mr. December from the Men on a Mission calendar
Mr. December from the hunky Mormon Men on a Mission calendar that got its creator from the LDS church. Source: Peter Palladino
Last week, we posted an unsurprising study that revealed the most conservative states in the U.S. consume the most porn. And at the top of the list was (ta-da!) Utah, home of the Mormon/Latter Day Saints church, which got us thinking… just how much Mormon gay porn is out there?
Before we began searching, we wanted a picture of just how conservative Utah is. Despite the LDS church’s backing of Prop. 8, the entire state isn’t crawling with anti-gay Mormons. In fact, the most conservative Mormons live outside of Salt Lake City and Park City. In the metropolitan areas there’s lots of young, hip artsy-types who couldn’t care less who you bugger.
Porn Czar
We tried to find a good picture of Utah Porn Czar, Paula Houston, but one just doesn’t exist.
Sadly though, Republicans and LDS-affiliated politicians own the government. In 2001, Utah became the only state to appoint a Porn czar, Paula Houston, a single 40-year-old Mormon woman (and alleged virgin) who earned $80,000 a year to, um… to… well, perhaps we’ll just let her tell you:

“To ferret out and prosecute those who violate obscenity laws and to help communities write their own. [Porn] is a foul sleaze that makes its exploiters wealthy, its victims impoverished. It will become an obsession. It will destroy your home life. It will destroy your marriage.”

You may wonder how a member of the Mormon Church can fairly address pornography, which the denomination views as an addiction akin to drugs. Yes, well… so did everyone else. Luckily, when the Attorney General’s office had to cut $750,000 from its budget, they cut her job too.
Gay Mormons exist of course. One can be gay in the Mormon church, as long as they’re homo-celibate. If they aren’t, they face excommunication (never being allowed to set foot inside a Mormon temple again). Given that choice, some stay closeted, some live a hush-hush but actively gay lifestyle while still attending temple, and others leave the church.
Sean Cody, a real ex-Mormon hero

One notable Mormon who left the church is Sean Cody. In fact, he once talked about how he went from Mormon to gay porn auteur:

I was born in a very conservative state and had a happy but strictly religious upbringing. I was a Mormon up until the age of eighteen, at which time I decided that living a puritanical lifestyle simply wasn’t for me… I saw my first porno when I was fifteen. It was a heterosexual movie, but I remember being so excited with and so enamored by the sight of all that naked flesh. I felt guilty after watching it, but I was completely hypnotized by the guys and their cocks and how they used them. After high school and through my early twenties I still hadn’t admitted to myself that I was gay… The guy I lost my “virginity” to was a lean, young stud with hard muscles and a big dick. I knew I was hooked… When I turned thirty I decided to start an adult website because I knew it was something I would enjoy.

Latter Day Studs
God bless the LDS church!
And Sean Cody’s not the only Mormon making porn. He once featured the Mormon-born athletic trainer and Ultimate Fighter Aaron Savvy (aka Ajay), a QC favorite. Sadly, the built vers stud left porn in 2007 to try out for American Gladiators and concentrate on his modeling career. But there’s also Mormon-born Cody Kennedy, one of 84 Mormon grandkids, and Vince, also a former Mormon and martial arts-practicing Marine.
Before we reveal the only Mormon gay pornos we could find, we wanted to mention Mormon Exposed Calendar, a calendar of hunky missionaries that got its creator excommunicated from the LDS Church and lost him his diploma from Brigham Young University. Manhunt did an interview with Mr. December from the calendar. Though some of the models got a good talking to from church elders, none got punished.
LDS Porn
OK, so onto the hardcore fucking! The first and only full-length Mormon film we could find was Latter Day Sinners from Hellhouse Media which features Mormon twinks doing some serious assplay with ungodly dildos. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

The wickedly scandalous first-title is an all-male fantasy with a controversial nature, as it follows the exploits of missionaries who explore each other in new and unimagined ways after they’re warned to stay away from women for a weekend … “Latter Day Sinners” chronicles Randy and Ethan, outwardly the sons that all LDS parents dreamed of. Mom left the brothers with some clear instructions for her weekend away: Do their chores make their rounds, but most importantly, NO GIRLS… but mom never said NO GUYS!

The only other film we found only had a Mormon missionary scene in it—Buckshot Productions’ Buckle Roos II (2004). Here’s a small description from TLA video:

Now, get ready to be blown away. Jed (Marcus Iron) and Jimmy Joe are back home when two young – very young – Mormon missionaries (Timmy Thomas, Sammy Case) knock on the door to save some souls. Jimmy Joe bets Jed that with by wearing his magic belt buckle, he can seduce those two young innocents. Taking the bet, Jed takes the two cherubs by the hand – literally – and introduces them to the joys of gay sex.

Now be forewarned – these two couldn’t look less like Colt Men. (They don’t look old enough to be called “twinkies” for God’s sake!) But this scene is so brilliantly performed and utterly original that it will make Colt founder Jim French/Rip Colt proud! The whole scene is Iron softly, steadily coaching each boy first how to kiss, then suck cock, then finger ass. Thomas and Case act as if they’ve never seen a naked man before and respond with a mix of eagerness and apprehension. When it’s time to fuck, Iron first demonstrates by penetrating each of them. (For supposedly virginal asses, they take Irons’ huge cock with surprising ease. Sweet Jesus, it’s a miracle!) He then helps them do it themselves, showing the top how to wear a rubber and telling the bottom how to breathe. Every gay man who watches this scene will wish he had had someone like Jed for his first time; there’s a poignancy to it.

We think there’s a real niche market out there just waiting to be filled. Anyone looking to make the next big splash in the mostly empty pool of Mormon porn?

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