Maskurbate: Blowing Troy

Blowing Troy at Maskurbate
If you’re a fan of Maskurbate, like we are, you probably will remember Troy. Well, thank the stars! This pale, tight, young and athletic jock with a killer smile is back! And not only does he show off his body more (yum), but he receives his first blow job from a dude. And while we’re weren’t there for the first-hand account, the footage from the video makes us think that he was not only cool with it—but he liked it a lot. What do you think?

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QCam – Bush!

QCam - Bush!
No, you won’t find the ex-president at QCam (though he is a cock). We mean man-bush! Though we’re fans of manscaping, we also like a nice hairy bush from time to time and this week’s QCammers deliver. They’re fun to nuzzle, feel, and sniff for a nice, manly whiff… ahhhhh, sex!
juan carlos (42 pics) – With a friendly face and a nice package, Juan is just the sort of hispanic guy we go for—meaty, good-looking, and a little hairy. His pubes create a nice V down to his chorizo. Can we help you out with that, compadre?
nakedflguy (2 pics) – It’s too bad that nakedflguy only has two shots so far, but we’re hoping this’ll change that. He’s got a muscular body, a nipple ring, and get a load of that dick! Long and red-haired—yowza! Go encourage him and maybe he’ll post some more soon!
deejayajb (10 pics) – This young guy can hardly contain himself. Luckily, on QCam he doesn’t need to. His schlong’s just straining to get out and his bush makes a teasing sight! It’s full and thick, just like his dick. And it’s just as likely to get some oral love, once we handle his ass and cock first.
Things are getting hairy down at QCam, so why don’t you stop by? There’s guys for all tastes and even a chance to leave comments, talk with the guys, and even leave some pics of your own. We’d hate for you to miss even one hot guy. Unless you stop by regularly, it’ll be a close shave.

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Men Over 30: Dak Ramsey and Brock Russel

Dak Ramsey and Brock Russel
From the moment Dak Ramsey stripped off his clothes, flexed his inked guns and unloaded his main cannon on Men Over 30, we have been begging to see this stud ‘s stud cock in action—and Men Over 30 delivers with a slice of hot man sex that is raw, passionate and primal all at the same time. Dak’s eyes roll back into his head as Brock shoves every inch of his dick down his throat. Dak can’t get enough as he leads Brock over to the chair where he sits down, spreads wide and directs Brock back down between his legs for more of that oral attention he’s getting. Brock bends over and offers that sweet ass & Dak buries his tongue deep and it sends Brock into a moaning frenzy. The anal attention is driving him nuts and soon he has Dak sitting back on the couch while he climbs up and straddles his cock, sliding his tight ass all the way to the base of that hefty fuck stick. He rides Dak hard, telling him just how good his fat cock feels in him. This is exactly what we had in mind and the site definitely delivered.

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Dirty Tony: Seth and Danny

dirty tony seth danny
A towering Scandinavian Danny makes Seth seem so small, sitting next to each other on the couch. They quickly get along and talk about the difference in cultures. The huge viking says he was drawn to California for the sunshine, while Seth seems drawn to Danny for the promise of a huge cock for his ass. They soon get to business making out and feeling each other out. Big Danny can’t wait to get his pants around his ankles and Seth’s mouth around his giant cock. Danny fingers Seth’s tight hole and they fuck every which way but upside down.

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QCA Comedy Quickie: Total Eclipse of the Heart

We already thought that Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart was a thoroughly homoerotic bit of video freakiness—but as this hilarious Literal Video redubbing points out, it’s over the top even for the gayest man. Imagine Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds ad crossed with Ck Obsession in the grip of a ketamine bender and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’s like. No wonder the vid’s gone viral over just two days!
Via Sticky.

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QC Quotations

QC Quotations
“Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.”

Martina Navratilova
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Circle Jerk Boys: Hunter Vance and Richie Sabatini

circle jerk boys hunter vance
Hunter Vance and Richie Sabatini spread their hot selves, and plenty of their DNA, all over Circle Jerk Boys this week as these two Florida sons take each other to the moon. Hunter is 25 and originally from Tampa. He’s sexy with a smooth defined bod, amazing smile and a sexy voice to go with it. About 2 hours away in Alligator Alley, they discovered 21yo Miami native, Richie Sabatini, a tight bodies hottie with a Cheshire cat grin and bad boy aire you can pick up on from across the room.

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PataPORN With Chinpoko!

PataPORN With Chinpoko!
June is busting out all over!!!! And hopefully someone’s busting out on your face! The porn gods have been listening and things are becoming so sizzlin’ that I am just plain erect all the damn time! Ah, I love my job and I love PATAPORN WITH CHINPOKO!!!
Hairy Boyz: Francois Saga
Hairy Boyz: François Sagat
Ah, François is so nice, so thoughtful, so caring, and so bloody hot!
Okay so I doubt he actually was hanging around and just thought, “Hmmm… I want to go jerk off for free.”
Yeah, I call bullshit; Daddy wanted to get paid and that’s that. Still, I love this video mainly because I just love François. Maybe it’s because he’s French, but I always feel like I’m watching couture porn when he’s in the film. Maybe next time I’ll wear a beret when I lose my load watching him!
This video is pretty candid and great. As usual, François looks incredible and he’s so comfortable on camera. And oh my God—does this boy shoot. Oh, and his ass! God, to be inside that ass!

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Alpha Male Fuckers: Ross, Trojan, and Axel

alpha male fuckers ross axel trojan
It’s a steamy 3-way recipe bound to get your tastes buds into a frenzy of flavor. You start with a good piece of Daddy Beef, Trojan Rock. Then you add a dash of spicey bottom, Ross Hurston, followed by a large helping of Axel Ryder dick. The hairy, beefy guys let their dick juices simmer with they take turns sucking on each other’s cocks.
By the time Hurston is done with his deep tongue-basting, Trojan stuffs his hole at one end while Ryder pound his meat into Hurston’s other hole! Both Trojan and Ryder stuff the tasty piece of meat until they all finish with a flourish and some thick, creamy sauce!

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Is On The Hunt’s Luka Selling Penis Pills?

In our most recent On The Hunt post a reader commented that Luka looks a lot like a guy in the Extenze commercial. If you’ve never heard of it, Extenze is one of those worthless pills promising “natural male enhancement” that they sell on TV at 3 in the morning. As far as hucksterism goes, it’s right up there with the Turbo Flex and Pearl Cream. Anyway, we did some digging, found the video, and located the guy who looks an awful lot like Luka at 1:27 during their “man on the street” interviews. He says, in accented English, “I’ve been really happy and I got the girl.”

Luka is Croatian so his accent makes sense. Although it’s stupid to think that the film crew just happened to find someone on the street who just happened to use penile enhancement pills and just happened to be on a date—how totally unexpected and candid! NOT. Also, the Extenze ads have used porn stars in the past like Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy, so that they’d use Luka isn’t that far-fetched.
His girl looks slightly detached as if thinking, “Oh god, I’m in a penis commercial and now everyone knows about Luka’s baby dick.” Except of course, the Extenze must have worked out for Luka because his cock looks hefty enough for us. Makes us wonder how his girlfriend feels about him snacking on Pat Bateman’s peen and butt-snacks. But maybe it doesn’t matter; after all, Pat Bateman’s “straight.”
Also, we are in no way promoting Extenze by mentioning its product. if you want a bigger penis, buy a strap-on.

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Bait Bus: Pool Boy Pickup

Bait Bus: Pool Boy Pickup
Rouge and Jessie were driving the Bait Bus, on the lookout for some hot bait for John. Prowling through a neighborhood, they spotted a pool guy but unfortunately he didn’t speak English but his pool cleaning buddy did! They told him our pool needed to get cleaned, offered him double what he usually charges, and he hopped right in the bus. On the way to ‘check out our pool’ Rouge went in for the kill and got him blindfolded for John to move in and suck his cock. John got this cute pool boy hard really quick, but he wasn’t too happy when he realized a guy was sucking his dick. After he got out of the bus in the middle of nowhere, they tempted him with some cash and a three way with Jessie and Rouge. Did he take the bait? Find out after the jump.

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