Christopher Fawcett’s Erect Cock?

Christopher Fawcett's Erect Cock?
Recently, DudeTube posted some beautiful pictures of model Christopher Fawcett taken by Rick Day for his new book, Players. Along with the incredibly hot pics of Fawcett, one reader submitted an additional cock pic, and asked “Is it the same model?” Always one to rise to the occasion, QueerClick hired Sherlock Homo to take a closer look. See what Sherlock Homo deduced, after the jump!

Christopher Fawcett's Erect Cock? 2
It’s a match—hot damn! You gotta love good, gay-fashioned detective work. Now, while Sherlock enjoys himself a victory smoke, you can celebrate the cracked case by checking out even more of Rick Day’s beauties. Just stop by our extensive collection at the Rick Day QC Fan Page!


13 May 09 By paperbagwriter 12 Comments