Breaking News: 6th Dr. Hayden Kho Sex Video (3rd with Maricar Reyes) Leaked!!

Kho Hayden & Maricar Reyes Third Sex Video Leaked!
Just when you thought the Kho Hayden sex video scandal is finally feeling a bit lethargic, a brand new sixth hits the net! This also marks the third video with Filipino model, Maricar Reyes. In this video, they fucked like wild mammals and the camera was directed so it captured a perfect view!
We couldn’t contain our excitement (we love a good celebrity scandal, especially when the subjects are hot!), so here are a few captures to whet your appetite! Check back soon for the full spread, and video. We promise this will be the hottest video of all six!
Dr. Kho Hayden Jr. Sex Scandal
Dr. Hayden Kho’s Cock Pix

13 Jun 09 By Editor D 4 Comments