Dustin Lance Black Sex Photos Leaked

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Images removed at the request of Dustin Lance Black’s legal representation.)
A lot of people thought that Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black was hot when he won an Oscar. So we’re sure they’ll be delighted to see his other trophy—his big, mushroom-headed dong. We’ve certainly got a crush on Black. After all, he spoke so eloquently about gay rights at The Oscars. Plus, he’s a good looking gent. Well, consider our crush consummated.
Our good friends at Starzlife alerted us to the photos taken from a barebacking session caught on a sex tape dated November 2006 with the Oscar winner and another unidentified blonde. But we only managed to grab a couple of pics off of Starzlife before the site went down (probably due to the insane traffic he’s generated). So instead, we went to queen bitch Perez Hilton for the pics; so thanks, boys. It’s double-nice to know that Black can also take a big’un like a trooper.

Dustin Lance Black’s moving Oscar Acceptance Speech
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A larger question looms though: is there more sex footage of Black looming out there? Not only of this tape, but of film he shot over a decade ago? Back in 1998, Black shot and starred in footage for a documentary-style movie entitled, “On The Bus, a film about “the drug- and sex-fueled shenanigans” of 6 gay men traveling together to The Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Black wanted to videotape a group of friends exploring different places [for the now defunct Digital Entertainment Network]; DEN wanted very sexy, very young men. Thus Black found himself on a bus with one friend, Damon, 24; Iris producer, Billy, 27; and three 19- to 26-year-old strangers, including gay-porn star Dean O’Connor (real name: Jason).

Dustin contends that his friend Damon squashed any potential for an on-screen orgy by mentioning AIDS and HIV during a jacuzzi scene, but one wonders whether the film went the entire while without catching even just a bit of onscreen action, especially with a porn star in tow. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of Dustin’s lance very soon! In the meanwhile, here’s some pics of Dean O’Connor’s, just in case you’ve never seen ’em.
Dean O'Connor
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