Star Trek Bulges – Captain’s Logs

Star Trek Bulges - Captain's Logs
Set your phasers to stun! Four hotties from the latest Star Trek film posed for this great pic. Left to right it’s John Cho (Sulu), Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Karl Urban (Bones). It looks like Spock and Bones have their vessels primed and ready to go where no man has gone before—into the black holes of Uranus. Yes, it may be the special FX magic of Photoshop, but that’s never prevented us from enjoying celebrity bulges!
The jury’s still out over whether Quinto’s gay or not (he’s certainly kissed a guy before). Urban seems straight, but he’s played a gay medic on TV, so maybe. But combined with Chris Pine’s wood it looks like almost every member of James T. Kirk’s crew are sporting captain’s logs that could beam us up at warp speed anytime!
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08 Jun 09 By paperbagwriter 11 Comments