Maricar Reyes & Dr. Kho Hayden Part 3

Latest and third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Another day, another new video leaked! A video of Maricar Reyes sleeping soundly in bed has been released by still unknown parties. This is the 4th installment in the series of videos taken by Dr. Hayden Kho with Dr. Maricar Reyes. But it just shows Reyes in her granny panties in slumberland, so we’ll give it a miss. We’re looking forward to the next sex video! More more more!
As promised, here’s the latest sex scandal video of Dr. Kho Hayden (now affectionately known as “Dr. Hayden Cam”) with hot Filipino model Maricar Reyes. This is also the third video with Reyes. This is the best video of the six leaked videos so far as it’s filmed using the camera off Hayden’s laptop (perhaps he was trying out his latest purchase) placed on the coffee table right beside the fuck-couch.
The video gives an excellent view of the lovers relieving their sexual urges. Reyes had earlier claimed that she was not aware of the camera in the first two videos of her with Hayden but in the beginning of this video, they were playing with the laptop and there were occasions where she looked into the camera. Surely she must be aware of the camera. We can also see Hayden repositioning the camera a couple of times as he fucked Reyes (and we thank him for that cos otherwise the video would be too dark, like the one with Katrina Halili!). Technically, the laptop camera can be setup such that something was maximized on top of the recording screen, and Reyes didn’t know about the active recording.
Here at QC, we know what our readers want, so we’ve done all the video snaps which we know would be of interest to you culminating in 7 smoking collages of celeb scandal after the jump!

Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Aside from being a commercial model and actress, Maricar Reyes is also a practicing doctor, but her life as a general practitioner is something that Maricar would rather keep private.
In an interview back when Hayden attempted suicide (this was after his very public breakup with Vicki Bello but before the sex scandal hit the Internet) Maricar admitted that she did have a relationship with Dr. Hayden. “Yes, we dated for a year when we met in med school. I would say it was serious, like all of my relationships. I was committed to him, we were committed to each other.”
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Maricar added that she lost touch with Dr. Hayden after their split and they have not seen each other ever since then.
Wala nang communication after the breakup. We grew apart. Naging iba na ‘yung lives namin. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I have no hard feelings naman. We were not compatible talaga, ganun lang ‘yun. We didn’t really know each other that well during the relationship. We didn’t have common friends that’s why nung nag-break kami, break talaga.”
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Hayden Kho sports longer, curlier hair in the videos with Maricar Reyes. So if what Reyes said was true, these videos were made when the two were seeing each other when in med school, and before Hayden become Vicki Bello’s boyfriend. Does this mean that Hayden only cheated on Vicki Bello with Katrina Halili?
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Maricar Reyes hasn’t spoken up so far. With the release of Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho Part 3, will she? Sources say she is currently residing in the US. Did she leave her medical practice in the Philippines? So many questions unanswered.
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
But perhaps, the most pertinent is “who’s the person who leaked this third video?” Erik Chua and Bistek said that they were not responsible for releasing these videos. If it’s not them, then who?
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
Third Hayden Kho Sex Video with Maricar Reyes Leaked
There are a 40 videos in all. We want to see the other 36.
Download Hayden Kho & Marica Reyes Part 3 (RapidShare).
Dr. Kho Hayden Jr. Sex Scandal
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