Margaret Cho Tops Ricky Sinz On Unzipped

Margaret Cho Tops Ricky Sinz On Unzipped
Is it any wonder that after singing an ode to his big cock at the GAYVN Awards, Margaret Cho should totally own Ricky Sinz’s ass on the latest cover of Unzipped Magazine? You might have thought he belonged exclusively to Raging Stallion Studios, but he belongs to her! And she’s got him all bound up in a man-girdle and
According to the press release Sinz posted on his blog:

Margaret Cho is not only the first mainstream celebrity to grace the cover of Unzipped magazine, she’s the first woman ever to appear on the face of an Unzipped Media publication.

“Margaret Cho transcends sexual stereotypes. The energy and sex appeal Margaret and Ricky bring to the article is amazing. The photos are electric, and we’re thrilled to have two iconic sexual adventurers on the cover of our ‘Hot Issue,'” said Dustin Tyner, Group Publisher for Unzipped Media.

Chris Ward, President of Raging Stallion Studios, agrees: “What an exciting cover! Ricky Sinz has finally been put in his place, and it took Margaret Cho to do it. Ricky is a major talent, and he’s going to go very far in the entertainment industry. As for Ms. Cho—we are going to adopt her as our official Raging Stallion Super Bitch. We love her!”

Maybe Ugly Betty walk-on slash porn mogul, Michael Lucas, was right when he said that the porn and mainstream worlds are finally coming closer together. We wouldn’t be surprised to discover pictures of Cho and Sinz cumming closer together, especially since the “Raging Stallion Super Bitch” learned gay sex tips from the adorable and well-hung folk singer, Jay Brannan.

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