QC Fan Club Pages For Cybersocket’s Top 50 Porn Stars

QC Fan Club Pages For Cybersocket's Top 50 Porn Stars

We like when Cybersocket hands out awards, but maybe that’s just because we won their 2008 award for Best Blog. Recently, they made of list of the Top 50 Porn Stars, and so to celebrate, we made QC Fan Club pages for each of the models!. Although that sadly excludes Dionisio Heiderscheid, Tommy Anders, and Cameron Marshall (pictured above), it does include lots of other studs you’ve cum to know and lust. Combined with our already created QC Fan Club Pages, that’s well over 150 QC favorites for you to you and your little friend to enjoy.
What do you think? Has Cybersocket chosen well once again or have they left out some of your favorites? Tell us and we’ll create a QC Fan Club Page just for you … honest!

NOTE: We’re also working on the pages for Derrek Diamond and Turk Melrose (aka Turk Mason), but they’re a little glitchy right now. Check back and once we get them fixed, we’ll add them to the list.


10 Jul 09 By paperbagwriter 16 Comments