You Love Jack: Mario Costa

Mario Costa at You Love Jack
Mario Costa’s uncut cock is a full 11 inches long and perfectly formed. That outrageously thick shaft and perfectly proportioned head tower above a set of heavy balls. He tugs on those nuts for a second before slipping the foreskin up and over the sensitive head and showing off the shaft. This little Latin twink knows exactly what he’s got between his legs and he knows how to use it!

Mario Costa at You Love Jack
He pulls the camera in close and gives us all a front row seat for his defiling. His perfect asshole expands to accommodate his finger as he slides it deeper inside his body before pulling it all the way out and showing off his tortured hole to the camera’s unblinking eye. There’s a sly look of satisfaction on his face and it’s hard to tell if he’s gloating at how good he looks or just loving how good it feels. Either way it’s fucking hot!

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16 Sep 09 By redmonkey 21 Comments