Gerard Butler Bulks Up His Skinny, Tight Ass

Gerard Butler Bulks Up His Skinny, Tight Ass
We’re not sure if you got the memo, but actor Gerard Butler might be bisexual. How do we know? Well, apart from admitting as much in an old interview, he seems to like playing with his ass quite a bit. While filming Gamer, he and his male cohorts mooned the director on his birthday. During the same movie, Butler shoved six fresh donuts between his ass-cheeks as a prank (we’re hoping someone at least got to eat them… his ass-cheeks we mean).
And now, his recent nude scene in Law Abiding Citizen had him preoccupied with bulking up his “skinny, tight ass”. Towleroad reports:

“I love to show my rear end in roles. I fear it’s becoming a bit of a habit, a tradition that I have to show my ass in every movie that I can. This was always a great scene in the movie and actually speaks volumes about this character and part of the wackiness and unexpectedness that happens… He’s completely unpredictable and so when he strips off it makes sense. I mean there’s a genius behind that and if it means I have to bare my ass again than so be it. I’ve always had a skinny, tight ass but I had to bulk up for this film; I was inspired by watching (Robert) DeNiro in Taxi Driver during the scene where he’s doing the push-ups and he’s so cut. A lot more is said in that than somebody just being big and kind of a meathead…Whenever I make those decisions to be naked, I go, ‘Oh shit here’s another three months of being on a diet and getting that body back!'”

The good folks at Tabloid Prodigy rounded up all the nude stills of Butler from Law Abiding Citizen so we can spend our time jerking off now, instead of repeatedly pausing the DVD player whenever the movie comes out.
If you give a damn about, y’know, the actual movie, we’ve got the trailer, after the jump!

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