Two Food-Related Sex Games: Porn Star Or Potato & Steakhouse Or Gay Bar

Two Food-Related Sex Games: Porn Star OR Potato & Steakhouse OR Gay Bar
You know how much QueerClick loves fun and games. Recently we featured Keric’s Complex, a game where you get manga elves to suck and fuck one another. Then a while back, we shared a handful of games including Cruising Room, a game where you try to fuck five guys you meet at a gay bar.
We recently discovered two more food-related games. First is Porn Star or Potato? in which you have to decide, based on an up-close picture, whether you’re looking at a porn star or a potato. That may sound easy (and for the first round, it is), but then it gets much, much harder. The explanatory captions are hilariously worth reading.
We found this second game thanks to Manhunt Daily. It’s called Steakhouse or Gay Bar? Gay guys love eating meat (and the occasional tossed salad). So are Mr. Lucky’s, Dickie Brennan’s, the Hindquarter, Empress Court, Mother Lode, and Hole in the Wall names of gay bars or steak houses? The score keeper on top will tell you which, where it’s located, how many names you’ve guessed correctly, and the percentage of other people who got it right too. We’re currently scoring 75% correct, but we’re not as boned up on our steakhouses as we are on gay bars.


07 Oct 09 By paperbagwriter 3 Comments