Cleveland Indians’ Grady Sizemore’s iPhone Pics

Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore's iPhone Pics
As soon as we found these pics at GuysWithiPhones, we simply had to share them! It’s number 24 Center Fielder for the Cleveland Indians—baseball hunk Grady Sizemore! He’s 27-years-old, biracial (from a white mom and black dad) and he’s hot, Hot, HOT!!!
Indians’ general manager Mark Shapiro called Sizemore “without a doubt one of the greatest players of our generation” and after seeing these sizzling pics, we bet he’s a great player indeed! Rumor is that he snapped them on while traveling for the delight of his girlfriend Playboy Playmate Brittany Binger. Luckily, they got leaked for our delight as well! He’s handsome, built, has awesomely suckable nipples, and you can even make out the head of his penis in the last picture!
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Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore's iPhone Pics
Recently, his 2009 season ended because of hernia surgery on his lower abdomen which was also related to a groin injury. Oh! Do his lower abdomen and groin need tender loving care. It just so happens that relaxing men is our specialty! He’s already shaved down there… all he needs is a loving hand! And how about that ass? That could use a helping hand or a rigid digit as well, don’t you think?
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