Mike, The Suspended PE Teacher From EnglishLads.com, Quits

Mike, The Suspended PE Teacher From EnglishLads.com, Quits
Remember Mike, the UK grammar school PE teacher who got suspended because of his pics on EnglishLads.com? Well, that dumb school of his can’t fire him, because he quit!
Kent Online has more details:

In a statement, the school said it had accepted his resignation “following recent media interest” into matters concerning him.

It added: “The school fully accepts Mr. Handley’s assurances that the events in question took place prior to him being offered and taking up employment at the school, and that he has not engaged in anything similar whilst employed at the school.”

Mr Handley, 25, has insisted the pictures were taken some years ago before he became a teacher.

His sister, Sophie Desai, defended him, saying: “He had no idea they would be used in this way.

“He has been a bit naive but has done nothing wrong. The photos were not taken for this purpose. We have no idea how this has happened.”

Mr. Handley was not available for comment this week.

We’re assuming that by “recent media interest”, Mike means “the two gay porn blogs covering the story.” Though he might also mean the rabid UK tabloids—they’re proper jackals, they are.
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