Sean Cody: Cameron

Sean Cody: Cameron
“I don’t like being alone,” Cameron told Sean.
He was referring to the fact that, although he’s kind of quiet, he’s very social and likes to have people around all the time.

Sean Cody: Cameron
“I’ve never lived by myself,” he said. “I’ve always had friends or family around.”
He’s 19, and currently lives with two other guys in an apartment near the university he attends.
“It’s pretty wild,” he said. “At least one of us always has a girl there.”
Sean Cody: Cameron
They’ve gotten comfortable with that and the girls don’t seem to mind.
“You don’t have a system? Like hanging a sock on the doorknob?”
“No we don’t really care,” he said. “I’ll come home and my buddy will be fucking some chick in the next room. It’s no big deal.”
Sean Cody: Cameron
Cameron likes to take his turn bringing girls home as well.
“Usually I have four girlfriends at a time, so I’m never worried about not having a girlfriend!”

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