PataPORN With Chinpoko

PataPORN With Chinpoko
It’s a new year people. Still we cannot begin the year without looking back and seeing what porn of 2009 got me to cum the quickest. It’s PataPORN with Chinpoko!!!
Dirty Tony: Fabian and Seth
Dirty Tony: Fabian and Seth
Coming in 5th for 2009 is Fabian! Fabian! Fabian!
Dirty Tony scored when he got a hold of this guy. So what’s so hot about him? Besides the obvious things like his body, face, cock, ass, and beautiful tan skin—I have to say the passion. This man loves to fuck and this exchange with Seth is a prime example.
Fabian has quite an extensive collection of videos this year that would make your dick pre-cum in about two seconds but this video is a standout. The fellas have one of the hottest make out sessions of the year. I was stroking before they even got their dicks out. I can only hope there will be more Fabian in the 2010. Pata Pata!
Randy Blue: Colby and James
Randy Blue: Colby and James
What? Did you really think I wasn’t going to have Colby Keller somewhere in my top 5? It’s no secret I love this boy, but this scene with James Hawk put me over the top to make this my 4th hottest pick for the year.
If you remember dear fans, this scene began a bit bumpy; I was pissed that James wasn’t taking all of Colby’s hot cock. I wanted him to go the extra mile, but thank god he did.
By the end of the video, James begs and pleads with Colby to fuck him slow. As Colby slides his thick cock all the way in, James’ face contorts in complete agony and ecstasy. He loves it and so did I!
Also, this video has a hot spoon fucking scene where both guys are kissing and looking at one another while Colby pounds him. Pata Pata! Randy Blue has made some hits and misses this year, but these two could hit me in the face and then watch it run down my shaft. Yeah, I went there.

Hot House Backroom: Blu Kennedy and Paul Wagner
Hot House Backroom: Blu Kennedy and Paul Wagner
It was actually a fan suggestion that turned me onto Blu Kennedy. It’s true! See I listen to all you adoring fans. I listened so much that I’m rating this Hot House video at a solid number 3.
Blu Kennedy probably has one of the best bodies in porn right now. He’s not so worked out that he looks unreal, yet he still maintains that man-next-door look that makes him so charming. I really could have picked any of his videos from this year, because they all were just so easy to bust a nut to. However, I liked this one because of the make out session with Paul is incredible.
I’m not one for making predictions in 2010, but Blu Kennedy could be my new obsession in the upcoming year.
TimTales: Tim and Olivé Sanchez
TimTales: Tim and Olivé Sanchez
The redheads are cumming on me strong this year! Riding on his predecessor Blu Kennedy, Tim from Tim Tales has that same charming quality about him—except Tim is dirtier. And that’s why he is ranked number 2! Pata pata!
Overall the Tim Tales site gets my vote for best new site to hit the web. It totally should win the Cybersocket award in my opinion.
When you log onto the site you feel as if you’re reading someone’s personal account of his own porn diaries and experiments. It’s a very intimate feel that I often don’t see in porn websites. The site acknowledges the awesomeness of men’s raw passion for one another—some other of the big name sites should take note.
There is a reason I picked this scene. Actually two reasons. Tim’s cock and Olive’s ass. Olive’s hole is so smooth and hairless that you can see every inch that Tim shoves into it. Tim fucks Olive so deep I bet it tickles his throat. YUM! Tim fucks this power bottom like a man, and it made me twitter like a girl!
And of course the video ends with a facial. It’s like putting a bow on it for me! PATA PATA!
Sean Cody: Hawaii - Jake and Matt
Sean Cody: Hawaii – Jake and Matt
And coming in number one for the year of 2009 its…..
JAKE AND MATT FROM SEAN CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll say it again, Sean Cody is the master of gay porn and this scene is some of his finest.
Jake and Matt are just the hottest damn things you ever did see and their beginning conversation instantly made me hard. Jake’s just so unassuming and genuine. And I’m a sucker for a jokester. When he kids around, it just makes me laugh and get hard at the same time.
One of the hottest moments is when the camera shot shows Matt fingering Jake’s ass as he bends over. Soon Matt slides his cock in. Aaaahhh, the camera angle here is amazing—you’re able to see Matt sliding inside Jake and Jake’s expression up close. You could tell Jake had forgotten this was just a porn shoot. The boys proceed to fuck for 15 minutes before a small see of semen spills all over Jake’s stomach.
This has been a good year for Jake. I can’t say enough how much I love this boy. He says he’s straight, which I just don’t buy. I don’t think straight men could love gay sex that much. Still, I hope he keeps on cumming into the New Year!
So there ya have it! The best of the best for 2009. But wait a minute; you really thought that was going to be it??? Ha, I am far bitchier than that dear fans. Come back next week, for the top 5 WORST posts of 2009. It’s catty. It’s sloppy. It’s typical Chinpoko. So go out there and get turned on this week, because next week is NOT going to be pretty. PATA PATA!


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