Tool Academy 2’s Dan Jovicevic Works His Wrench on Straight College Men

Tool Academy 2's Dan Jovicevic Works His Wrench on Straight College Men
Straight College Men has had two noteworthy videos this week. First, the father-son jerk-off and now, a new video starring Dan Jovicevic from VH1’s Tool Academy 2.
But how did this upstanding young gentleman end up on Tool Academy 2 in the first place? Let VH1 fill you in:

Dan, 22, is a pathological liar, Shannon, also 22, is his girlfriend of 2-½ years. These students live in Huntley, IL. Dan and Shannon live together on a part-time basis. Dan thinks he is a “god” and talks a big game about sleeping with tons of women, but he also loves to lie and is a self-admitted “a$$hole.” Shannon can never tell when Dan is speaking the truth or out and out lying. Fortunately for Shannon, the Tool Academy is here to sort out her mess of a relationship.

So Dan may not be husband material, but who wants a husband? We’d be happy just hooking up with the handsome turd. He’s actually the second Tool Academy flunkie to end up on SCM. The first was Stew (aka “Hillbilly Tool”). And you also might recall seeing the penis of Shawn Southern from Tool Academy 1. Add to that Rico from I Love New York who later showed up on SG4GE and it seems as if VH1’s reality show has an exit door right into the world of amateur porn.

According to SCM, “When the production company responsible for the reality TV show got wind of Stew and the others appearing on Bait & Tackle’s websites, they sent a cease and desist letter to us stating the guys were prohibited ‘from in any way participating.’ Our lawyers had to address the situation.” Looks like VH1 is very protective of its sluts. In fact, the video above from the Onion News Network shows VH1’s response when a reality show bus recently crashed on a major highway, spilling more than 2,000 pounds of slut.
See Dan’s elimination video from Tool Academy after the jump!
Thanks to Daily Dudetube for some of the pics.

Dan got eliminated in episode 6 for not giving his girlfriend clear instructions on how to construct their dream living room. During the challenge he also yelled at her. Here’s where Shannon talks about why she’s gonna stay with Dan. Dan looks away irritatedly while she’s speaking. Later he speaks highly of her seemingly because she expects him to. We have to say, it doesn’t look like Dan’s training’s really gonna stick.

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Shannon stayed with Dan after the show, but there’s still no word on whether she stayed with him after his SCM JO video.

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