We Know How You Feel About Twincest, But How About A Father-Son Jerk-Off?

We Know How You Feel About Twincest, But How About A Father-Son Jerk-Off?
All of our readers howled when Bel Ami’s real-life Peters Twins fucked on camera. Some raved about its hotness, others about its sickness. Well, no matter how you felt about the twincest taboo, StraightCollegeMen.com is ready to find out how you feel about the father-and-son taboo.
Their latest scene features Rhett Jr. and his “real life dad”, Rhett Sr., jerking-off side-by-side. They don’t jerk, suck, or fuck one another, but they certainly watch each other which leaves us feeling oddly turned on yet unsettled—it’s like Jake Cruise-lite.
Even though they call Rhett Sr. the younger’s “real life dad”, we’re not so sure that means he’s Rhett Jr.’s biological father. For one, we have no idea how that goofy-doofus of a dad squirted out such a hot, hung stud (mom must be a looker). And two, Rhett Jr. could be adpoted. An anedcote during their interview says Rhett Jr. was breast fed by a black nun—that certainly suggests a dubious beginning.
We’re actually into father-son role play and we have a feeling that if Rhett Sr. were a bit hotter, a lot more readers would respond favorably to the scene, but we’re curious what you think.
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Also how is it possible that the interviewer makes this already tawdry scene even creepier with his high pitch voice and voyeur-perv questions about where Rhett Jr. puts his big dick during high school wrestling matches? Even the actual jerk-off scene has lots of nervous laughter between father and son. Uhh, we’ll jerk off with you dad, but only if the cameraman shuts up and you promise to stop giggling like that.


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