We Know How You Feel About Twincest, But How About A Father-Son Jerk-Off?

We Know How You Feel About Twincest, But How About A Father-Son Jerk-Off?
All of our readers howled when Bel Ami’s real-life Peters Twins fucked on camera. Some raved about its hotness, others about its sickness. Well, no matter how you felt about the twincest taboo, StraightCollegeMen.com is ready to find out how you feel about the father-and-son taboo.
Their latest scene features Rhett Jr. and his “real life dad”, Rhett Sr., jerking-off side-by-side. They don’t jerk, suck, or fuck one another, but they certainly watch each other which leaves us feeling oddly turned on yet unsettled—it’s like Jake Cruise-lite.
Even though they call Rhett Sr. the younger’s “real life dad”, we’re not so sure that means he’s Rhett Jr.’s biological father. For one, we have no idea how that goofy-doofus of a dad squirted out such a hot, hung stud (mom must be a looker). And two, Rhett Jr. could be adpoted. An anedcote during their interview says Rhett Jr. was breast fed by a black nun—that certainly suggests a dubious beginning.
We’re actually into father-son role play and we have a feeling that if Rhett Sr. were a bit hotter, a lot more readers would respond favorably to the scene, but we’re curious what you think.
Check out the preview after the jump!

Also how is it possible that the interviewer makes this already tawdry scene even creepier with his high pitch voice and voyeur-perv questions about where Rhett Jr. puts his big dick during high school wrestling matches? Even the actual jerk-off scene has lots of nervous laughter between father and son. Uhh, we’ll jerk off with you dad, but only if the cameraman shuts up and you promise to stop giggling like that.


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  • SCA says:

    Although I doubt this is legit, if it were it’s really fucked up. This is a recipe for at least a year in therapy.

  • cj says:

    Creepy. Don’t need to see more of this

  • daws says:

    Eeek! The father is ugly as hell! The son is cute though…creepy that he’d do that with his dad.

  • art says:

    creepy when you factor in the ‘father/son’ aspect, and not not when you don’t. i don’t get it. it’s pointless any way you look at it.

  • knuttyBud says:


  • angel_wingz says:

    To quote from Wayne G’s song “Twisted”: “No, not you/ Put it away!/ Take your dog-like face to another place”

  • johnny says:

    I like watching young hot dudes get it on with old dudes.

  • Gator says:

    YeeeHaaaa! Here come the hillbillies! Any way nice weiner on the boy!

  • blake says:

    Fuck all of you, haha. I find this hot. If they fucked, I’d get this movie asap. Not sure why this isn’t in QCX though.

  • Jaron says:

    I think it is legit, and I think it’s kinda cool…they’re just jerkin off for godsakes…they seem to have a good relationship…hey, the family that plays together…

  • texan says:

    Whoa, creepy. They have VERY similar facial features, nose, mouth structure. I don’t like it.

  • Californian says:

    If people were not so stigmatized by main stream media my dad and I would have made videos along time ago.

  • Twins.. Good times! Father/Son.. Bad times! says:

    If it’s true- It’s creepy
    If it’s not true- It’s not a bad concept but they shoulda got a hotter Dad.
    I don’t mind the twincest thing because they’re in an equal position, but Dad/Son stuff is just on another level because of the realtionship dynamic, position of responsibility etc.

  • jboy says:

    I think it’s great a father and son aren’t hung up on being naked around each other, although most aren’t jacking off together. LOL! It certainly doesn’t bother me as much as fisting and other things you see on the net these days.

  • tom says:

    It’s fucking hot. Creepy? Nah. Sex is about letting go, not think about it too much.

  • Spongey says:

    Oh no, this is just awful! I thought the twin stuff was creepy, but this leaves me feeling nauseous. Just the thought of being naked next to my dad makes me ill. How desperate and down on your luck do you have to be to do this?? I feel dirty and not in a good way.

  • R says:

    Over the top

  • Greg says:

    u can certainly see the family resemblance in a few ways. I believe its his father. i thnk the idea is very hot but the dad isnt hot. too bad. but id like to see more of this.

  • paul says:

    I like older guys with younger guys too! this older guy biological or not isnt much to look at tho… If he was hot i bet more guys would be on board.

  • jenson says:

    Hey guys, before you all get yourselves worked up into a frenzy over this, remember that porn is all about fantasy. Try not to take things too literal or seriously, every single porn video you are watching has a scripted theme and this is no different to any other.

  • Silas Jones says:

    The Dad/Son thing doesn’t bother me… comparing this dad to Jake Cruise does though.. This dad is NO WHERE as ugly or creepy as Jake Cruise.

  • lilboydblue says:

    This would be interesting and hot if the dad was hot. I would watch this vid just to see the son because he is smokin sexy but the dirty,overweight 3 day drunk looking dad really turns me off…yukkkkkkk!

  • Jackson says:

    Same nose and eyes. His dad.

  • Jarod says:

    So much judgment. So much repression. Anyone would think many of the commenters were raised by catholic nuns.
    Jerking off next to each other aside, a father and son being naked together is perfectly natural. Just go to your local nude beach (not the gay/cruisy section) some time and you’ll see lots of families enjoying the sun the way they should. Naked.
    With respect to the masturbation, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if they have the kind of father/son relationship where they’re comfortable doing this then I envy them. It also shows that Rhett Sr fully supports his son’s choice of job rather than Rhett Jr having to keep it a secret like I’m sure many gay porn actors do.
    I have seen the preview of this video on the website concerned and they look too much alike to be anything other than father and son.

  • Seth says:

    This video fails for two main reasons: annoying interviewer’s voice and less-than-hot dad. It’s the same thing that ruins most of these videos. If it isn’t Jake Cruise or Mr. Hamhands (i call him) from CAUSA, then it’s a hot model paired with a a super-slimy one.
    I wouldn’t have minded if these guys threw their arms over each other’s shoulders while they stroked, watching porn together. Woulda been funny if the son suddenly leaned forward at the the TV and said “…mom?!” 😀

  • mojo says:

    This is like jakecruise.com meets Deliverance. I would get queasy if I even saw my dad without his shirt. I will have to take an extra Ambien just to get to sleep after seeing this.

  • hgiver1 says:

    Sooo many comments….First, that HAS to be his dad. His “Father” is Rhett Jr with a little “Kentucky Windage”. Spittin Image. Also, the fact that Rhett Jr is in anything makes it that much hotter!!! Except this steaming pile of platypus shit!! This is a slow-motion passenger train wreck! Hey, 2SCM guy. Not all ideas are good ones. I felt uncomfortable watching this here in my own home, and…um….what COLLEGE does “Pops” go to? College of the Ozarks? I cannot say enough, that I think Rhett JR is a slice of all kinds of what dreams are made of. But, this whole DADDY thing…WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? p.s. Tell Rhett JR im ready to suck him off now…

  • Al Burton says:

    “Sex is about letting go, not think about it too much.”
    I agree. I’m going to let this go and try not to think about it ever again.

  • AlecB says:

    They don’t seem to mind what’s going on. Why should I judge? To each their own.

  • AlecB says:

    They don’t seem to mind what’s going on. Why should I judge? To each their own.

  • bc says:

    This is a really old video, does anyone know what happened to Rhett and his buddies form the “twink highschool” are they still with 2scm or on another site.

  • Eric says:

    That’s absolutely his real father – if the were going to get a fake father, they would have gotten a hotter one. And, as many others have said, you can see a very strong resemblance in the faces.
    It’s depressing to think that the son is probably going to look a lot like his father 20 years from now.
    On one hand, I’m not about to say I’m offended by it…but on the other hand, I do have to question how hard up you’d have to be to do something this stupid.

  • M says:

    Definitely not “The Waltons” …..

  • mick says:

    real father maybe another guy on the site huwe said his dad wanted to do a father and son huwe was10 times hotter

  • DAN says:

    I think it is cool…why not let have their fun. They are not hurting anyone. I like the idea of father/son and brother/brother sex it’s hot! I think they are real father and son, if you compare their noses,their smlies and even their cheek bone struture one can see the resemblence….even their body type, yes I know the father is out of shape but many men who get older look like he does if they do not take care of their bodies as they age. I have seen pictures of my best friends dad when he was young and hewas hot young man….if you saw him today you would not think it was the same person. How did they son end up with the big dick well I have read that often dick size comes from the mother…I know that sounds funny but we all carry male and female genes…the sons mother was hung like a horse.

  • Roralot says:

    Another clue that he isn’t the biological father… the dicks look completely different.

  • Ted says:

    I’m going to say fake

  • George F says:

    People will do a lot of things for money , yet they are not harming anyone.
    I approve : More power to them.

  • jjgg5 says:

    By their looks, I’d recommend DNA testing.

  • JWF says:

    Dad needs a shower and a dental plan!

  • ultimatebreeder says:

    Interesting how my comments criticizing the post don’t get published.
    You guys are the biggest hypocrites out there….you guys sponsor the free speech coalition and yet you censor comments on your website!
    EDITORS: We don’t have a record of your comment, so please feel free to submit it again. If you read the other critical comments, you’ll see we aren’t censoring anything.

  • Rowan says:

    I say Real and I’d like more!

  • Alex says:

    I think this proves that straight people are sick. LOL
    Yes, it is just jerking off and is sure to drawn pageviews but let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend. What happens when attention whore fathers/uncles/brothers start pushing their 18 year olds to do this kind of thing? You know the next step is “dad” saying he how about doing a little escorting? Then when the kid is in their 20’s they are going to be on talk shows telling how their “father’s” pushed them into the sex trade for pervert gay men and the religious right will eat it up. I know it says it was his idea to bring his dad but I think it sets an uncomfortable precident.

  • ricky says:

    this is disgusting. it wouldn’t matter if they dad was hotter than the old shlub he is, it would still be disgusting. you do not jack off with your son. period. end of story.

  • ricky says:

    jarod, i was schooled by catholic nuns. it has no effect on my opinion. i don’t like seeing my dad without his shirt on either. some people are meant to remain clothed and he is one of them. this is ooky in the extreme.

  • JaronB says:

    ricky, you were schooled by catholic nuns, alright. don’t like seeing your dad with his shirt off? how repressed is that?

  • ultimatetithead says:

    Cummon guys, of course this is just a sites sick fantasy, at least when you watch Jake you know thats real, hehe 🙂

  • The Golf Guy says:

    And then grandma comes in and gives herself an enema……oh wait that was Bear Gyrllis….

  • andrew says:

    the mom must be so proud

  • ricky says:

    jasonb, not wanting to see my dad without a shirt is not repressed. he’s old and incredibly pale white with a belly. he needs to keep a shirt on! which he does now due to his heart surgery scars. but, before that my dad with no shirt is the stuff that scares small children and animals.

  • GooGoo La Guardia says:

    SCM is a somewhat creepy site to begin with. They advertise on billboards in Las Vegas as “Bait and Tackle.” The majority of the guys think they’re trying out for straight porn.

  • Gaygent says:

    Don’t particularly like the real dad-son thing, it’s very “sick” as far as I’m concerned. But could QC get the son to model on his own -he’s a real good looker.

  • JaronB says:

    ricky, repressed much? “some people are meant to remain clothed”? c’mon,if you’re not the right body type – or over 30 – you’re just supposed to hide in a box somewhere? those catholic nuns did a number on you. its time to get over it…

  • bdkusa says:

    if you watch the full video – there is actually quite a bit of resemblance between the two. I think it’s legit. while the father is egh… it’s kind of interesting and a tad hot. agree. the father could be hotter and that would be entirely different!

  • qcreader says:

    “Junior” is adorable. I’d like to see him on a better site.
    “Senior” is creepy. Don’t know if it’s genuine but to me they look the part of relatives in the shoulders and nose.

  • Brad323 says:

    There’s just no excuse for this. I may need therapy from seeing these pix.

  • JD says:

    So damn hot. Let’s hope this is the start of more like it. If it’s not your thing then don’t watch and get over it.

  • trace says:

    Why is “Junior” part of this site? He is 100% gay…even acts like it to.

  • TS Amandah says:

    For those of you guys who do not know, you inherited your baldness, and your genitalia from your mothers side of the family. Males do not inherit that from their dads side. Females inherit their genitalia from their dads side of the family. In other words your dick side is approximately the same size as your mothers dads dick. Women breast, clit size would be that other their dads mom, or sisters.
    You can look at their faces and see clearly they are related. Don’t know why everyone is making a fuss, its actually hot. I do feel if the dad was more attractive, no one would be making any negative comments. Watch out for the son, he is going to be a gay porn icon one day.
    I personally have actually had a 3sum with a hot muscle dad and his real life teen son, before and I am a pre-op transsexual. I’ve also been with brothers too. Both times that was the hottest sex, I’ve ever HAD!!!!!

  • Oa says:

    Screw all of you haters! This is hot and I want to see this as a trend. I like younger AND older guys and the idea of a father and son (yes, they were related) is hot. I liked both of them and would totally get off on this. Brothers, twins and father/son tag-teaming is a major fantasy for me. Bite me!

  • SSindigoboi says:

    Im quite confused about the father and son, brothers, nephew and uncle, male cousins jacking off together thing I mean I hear some say ew, and its wrong and then the others say its natural and even envy the relationship. So, idk but this one str8 guy I met in college said he tag teamed a woman with his dad and that sounds weirder so idk Im stumped!!! Someone save me from this confusion plz!!!

  • qiqi says:

    GOD you freaks are creepy.”Woulda been funny if the son suddenly leaned forward at the the TV and said “…mom?!” :D”LMFAO.

  • Coreymhaines1 says:

    I have Jacked off with my dad before. I'm his only son to. My dad was single and I lived with him. He had a one room place so it was just easier for us to do it together. We have only jacked off together, anything else would be to weird. It's not that big of a deal either. It's a great father and son bonding experience. I think this has made us even closer. My dad is my best friend.

  • willem van deursen says:

    From a (har har) scientific point of view…it's most unusual, but it's not disgusting. Both are males, after all. Why hiding the fact that both have dicks, stiffies and squirts? I don't doubt that these two are really father/son related, facial similarities and typical dad/son teasing. If they are acting their parts, well, they're damned good.This video is not sexy, it's not gross, it's interesting and for a lot of reasons.Dad is visibly less camera shy. He also looks at his son's activities at regular times, the son only looks in short glances at dad in response to a joke. If it was the other way around, it would have somehow been wrong. The son is the one who strips first, yet it is the father who has the leading charisma. Some may find it an odd thought, but he's actually taking responsibility.   The jerks are forced, though, none of them is into heavy breathing, the ejacs are silent affairs, but dad really goes into full concentration on his coming orgasm (the son is making an effort in hiding his, so at first I thought he hadn't come at all). It's clearly their first time before an audience (if it's not acted), I wonder, how does this develop when their alone? I'm sure they have done this before. And they may have done more than that. Sharing a prosti?In some cultures, the father deflowers his daughter on her wedding night, if he doesn't, the bridegroom considers her not honorable. In others cultures, and this is much more widespread, an adolescent boy gets cornholed by an uncle or older nephew, the family doesn't disapprove but it's not something they talk about. Our so-called civilized western society makes a giant pedagogic mistake to begin with: the taboo on nudity. Adolescents become aware of their physical changes and it often makes them insecure and prudent. Get that out of their system. Not only by going nude around the house as a parent, but also telling the boy he's OK. 'Look, your Dad has erections too, see?' But people promptly start screaming 'Perverts! Child abuse!'. We deny that we are still animals, and that fucks up our psychology royally. It certainly doesn't help the kids to grow into adults with a healthy view on sex and women (or men).The incest taboo is ingrained in our genes deeply. Some may get aroused by the father/son idea, but seldom project that onto their own begetter: that's a bridge too far. Or rather too close. I'm not a promoter of incest, but we should really go more easy around intimacies.Again, despite the joking and chuckling, this jerkoff demonstration is forced, and I wonder what the use is to do it on camera, but I admire father and son for their honesty. The son is clearly gay, the father not (I'm quite certain). That's paternal acceptance with a capital. And Senior doesn't look as gross as commentators insinuate. I'm sick and tired of that Forever Young & Beautiful obsession anyway. I am not impressed by long shlongs and I find the son not attractive in any other way.  But that's a personal taste.

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