Tool Academy’s “Big Tool” Earns His Name On Straight College Men

Back when we discussed the revolving door between VH1’s reality show, Tool Academy, and Straight College Men, we mentioned that John Lamb (aka. “Giant Tool” from Tool Academy 2—a 6’5″ white Catholic capricorn with “serious anger management issues”) would be the next gent stroking his giant uncut tool on SCM’s cum-encrusted casting couch.
Well he’s finally arrived and has certainly earned his nickname! He’s got a pretty big dick and even though his body is hairless from head-to-toe and he has a tramp stamp just below his navel, he’s still got a kickin’ body and a thick, hanging foreskin that we’d love to swing off of all day long.
SCM’s guys are known for fading back into obscurity after one time on the couch. But we’re hoping that Big Tool and his adorable Tool Academy classmate Dan Jovicevic cum back for a reprise, or maybe even a side-by-side jerk-off in a naked Tool Academy reunion. Plus, the delectable Josh Dunn is supposed to appear on SCM very soon, so that’s something else to look forward to. We certainly didn’t care about Tool Academy back when it actually aired. But now that all it’s contestants are getting naked, we’re interested, SCM has given the show a new life and a horny gay audience.
Thanks to DudeTube for the pics.


15 Feb 10 By paperbagwriter 5 Comments