Bug Hall (Alfalfa from The Lil’ Rascals) Grows Up

Bug Hall (Alfalfa from The Lil' Rascals Grows Up
Remember The Lil’ Rascals? Of course you do. If you’re anywhere between 16 and 60-years-old, chances are you saw the old or new version of The Lil’ Rascals (aka “Our Gang”), which followed a loveable bunch of street urchins vomiting booze into the mouths of dead hookers getting into all sorts of scrappy adventures.
The black-and-white shorts originally aired in 1955, but the 1995 color movie remake featured then 10-year-old actor Bug Hall as the cowlicked leader of the gang, Alfalfa. We’d post a picture of the young Mr. Hall EXCEPT THAT WOULD BE GROSS. But all you need to know is that Alfalfa ate his sprouts and grew up to be a scruffy 25-year-old dude cruising for poon on XPeeps (where these shots came from).
According to his hard-to-read Xpeeps profile (now deleted) he likes oral, anal sex, and porn; masturbates once a day; has been watched having sex; has never been to a nude beach; but has been in an orgy. And though he’s never had sex with a guy, he’s kissed one or two (tomorrow could be your lucky day)!
We love his lean and hairy body, that torso-length happy trail, and his nice, long, pierced cock. He’s even got a nice ass, as you can see in his weird vampire-boy pictures. Though we’re not so sure about the weird tattoos on his crotch—what is that… a crash-test dummy symbol?
We’re happy Alfalfa’s all grown up. As soon as he gets his XPeeps profile back online, we’ll hit him up to see if Spanky and the gang wanna get in on some grown-up action. O-tay!
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14 Apr 10 By paperbagwriter 3 Comments