Sean Cody: Mitchell

Sean Cody: Mitchell
“I’m from the east coast,” Mitchell told Sean.
That was pretty obvious from the moment Sean met him. He has a very distinctive accent that tells you exactly where he is from!
“When you’re away from home, do people comment on your accent?”

Sean Cody: Mitchell
“Oh yeah,” he said. “I don’t really notice it because I’m around it all the time. I have a lot of friends with accents worse than mine!”
Mitchell is studying to become a graphic designer.
“Id’ like to do something with the Internet,” he said.
Sean Cody: Mitchell
Mitchell is also really, really friendly.
“I love being social. I’m an optimist and you’ll rarely find me in a bad mood…”
Sean Cody: Mitchell
Sean noticed while they were filming that Mitchell stuck his fingers in his ass a couple of times. After they were done, Sean asked him about it.
I like it,” he said. “It feels really good.”
That made me wonder, so Sean asked him, “Are you straight or gay?”
“I’m bi,” he said. “I usually go for girls, but occasionally I like to get fucked too!”

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