Kellan Lutz Is Apparently Cutz

TKellan Lutz Is Apparently Cutz
Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz has already showed quite a bit of skin around QC. First he showed he turned us on with his sack, then we saw his tasty bulge and him modeling a pair of CK briefs. But in all his revealing exploits we never had any idea whether Kellan was cut or uncut—but now we have proof.
The boy’s definitely circumcised and not only that, but he seems to have a thick mushroom head at the top of his pecker. Looks like Lutz decided to go commando whenever someone snapped these shots. And if he’s soft in these photos, imagine what his cut cock looks like at full mast. We bet it’s nice thick and veiny with a slight curve. We’d love him to rouse that monster from its sleep and drive a stake in us so deep that it wakes the dead. Between the sucking and the howling, it’ll be enough to make a porn version of a Twilight sequel!
Thanks to Kelly for the pics!
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10 May 10 By paperbagwriter 6 Comments