Sean Connery’s James Bond Has 007 Inches

Sean Connery's James Bond Has 007 Inches
Beloved QC tipster Kelly recently watched the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice and took this yummy still of Sean Connery as the international man of action relaxed in a warm bath. But Mr. Bond only seems relaxed because if you look closer you can see that he’s actually packing double-o-seven inches and is ready for action. Any dastardly spy who wants to get a piece of Bond better watch his ass because Bond’s cocked, loaded, and shoots to thrill.
Did Connery jerk himself off so he’d be a big man on camera or did the director make Connery spank it for the ladies? Either way, we’re loving Bond’s big golden gun. So much that if we were Pussy Galore or Octopussy, we’d crawl into that bath and start playing with his Thunderballs until he came all over Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix. And for the rest of our lives we’d remember The Spy That Loved Me.
OK, OK… enough with the dumb movie title puns. Connery’s known for being a bit of a blowhard now, but it’s awesome that he’s so well hung. In fact he’s still a sexy wolf and we’d love James Bondage to tie us up like a hostage. So to celebrate we’ve added Pansy Dvision’s James Bondage. If you haven’t heard it or have fantasies of finding your own double agent sending you some cock From Russia with Love, then give the tune a spin while jerking-off to the shots above.

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22 May 10 By paperbagwriter 7 Comments