Ask QC: Where Can An Older Gay Man Meet Men?

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Hey guys,

I have a unique problem. My dad came out pretty late in life (around age 55). He’s almost 70 now and though he’s hired a few hookers in the past and has flirted with men, he’s single and getting pretty lonely from the looks of it. He cried once while telling me about being ignored at a bath house. It’s kinda weird talking about gay dating with your dad and I’m not entirely sure what to tell him.
He’s a good looking fella, even at his age, but he doesn’t want to join some gay seniors group. He’d rather meet a middle-aged gay guy another way, but I have no idea what to tell him. Where should a 70-year-old gay man go to meet a potential partner? I don’t want to send him to any old dating website because it’s my experience that most of the men on there are younger and the older guys have daddy complexes or fetishes.
I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

We’ve got a sexy senior on our hands! It’s definitely difficult getting older whether you’re gay or not. So how can we help this older gentleman find a mate without having to cruise bathhouses or Do we have any older guys out there who can suggest good meeting places for mature men? Please share your advice and experiences in the QComments section.

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