Frat Men: Trent

Trent at Frat Men
Every week Frat Men slays us and leaves us with the question, “Where did they find this guy?! Dang!” This week is no different. Take a look at college football jock Trent! Trent has created a body ripe for a sport that is at most times, quite brutal. One look at him and you have to know it would take a bull to stop him on the field.

Trent at Frat Men

Add a fat, mushroom headed dick that would fill up any hole willing to take it on, as well as an ass (Look at that ass! Speaking of wanting to fill holes!?) that evokes sheer, masculine power and Trent is indeed, the ultimate fratmen football jock. Now if they’d give us more scenes where the guys suck each other off (there have been two scenes like this recently) or more, we’d be heaven.

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21 Jun 10 By redmonkey 25 Comments