Sean Cody: Russ

Sean Cody: Russell
Russ is an Air Force vet who’s well mannered, genuine, and really nice. Now, he’s in college and devoted full-time to his studies. Russ is ambitious and, one day, wants to be a chef. He also wears his heart on sleeve and admits that may be a reason he’s perpetually single. For Russ though, a relationship isn’t high on his priority list. He’s focused on his studies but likes to casually date…just as long as the girl doesn’t get on his nerves.
“What annoys you most about women?”
“Not able to hold a conversation, too uptight, not laid back enough, can’t take a joke, things like that,” he answered.

Sean Cody: Russell
He learned a lot from the military and you can tell by his demeanor. He got to travel the world in the Air Force and plans to do much more when he’s finished with school.
Russ spends a lot of time in the gym, too. When he started undressing, the first thing Sean’s crew noticed was he wasn’t wearing underwear. Then they noticed how tight his body was. Ripped abs, nice meaty, hairy legs, a thick cock and big low-hanging balls.
Sean Cody: Russell
Russ was fun to watch, and he’s got a very unique jack-off method, a style that can only describe as the “over under two hander.” He stroked his cock until he shot his load not only on his shoulder, but all over the chair!
Sean Cody: Russell
Later on, they hit the beach but it was really chilly that day so they didn’t stay for long. When they got back at home, Sean talked a little bit about his experience in the military — what his favorite thing about the Air Force was and what he hated.
“I really hated getting up so early in the morning,” he said.

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