New York Straight Men: Lucas

new york straight men lucas
Lucas hasn’t has a day off from his family’s butcher shop in 2 weeks. He says the summer and the holidays in December are their busiest times.
While he was out for a jog he figured that since he had the whole day off it would nice go get some head. So he gave NYSM a call. They told him to come right over because they had an eager cocksucker who will be waiting with an open mouth.
Less than an hour later Lucas arrived, hot, sweaty and horny! Off came his shorts and out flopped his big uncut cock ready to be sucked.
Lucas took advantage of Ben’s mouth and fucked his face like there was no tomorrow. When Lucas was finally ready, he exploded on Ben’s face and grinned as his cum dripped into Ben’s hungry mouth.

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Fleshjack Gives QueerClickers 20% OFF!

Fleshjack Gives QueerClickers 20% OFF!
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Ruggerbugger: Max and Thom Evans

Max and Thom Evans at Ruggerbugger
Ruggerbugger has posted one of the hottest videos we’ve ever seen! Max and Thom Evans are real-life brothers and new young stars of British Rugby. Ruggerbugger has them posing fully naked together in a steamy hot new video! With just 18 months apart between them, the boys are clearly at ease with each other as they compete to demonstrate who has the most muscular body. They give accidental glimpses of their cocks and fully display their big round asses. Download and save this amazing video from!

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Cocksure Men: Steven Daigle & introducing Brady Jensen

Steven Daigle & introducing Brady Jensen at Cocksure Men
It’s BBQ time! After cracking open a cold beer and firing up the grill, Brady asks Steven how he likes his sausage. Steven responds “Rare and hard,” as they tease each other jokingly. Brady’s rare beauty and hard bod is exactly what Steven hungers for. And Steven Daigle is far from your “average Joe.” His glacier blue eyes, sculpted muscles, and fat cock are a cut above the rest. The two super-studs go back and forth, sucking and pounding each others’ tight assholes. This is one of the hottest flip-flop fucks we’ve ever had finishing with two bangs as both guys launch their loads onto Brady’s 6-pack abs.

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UnGloryHole: Impatience

ungloryhole impatience
From the minute they got there, this guy was in a super rush to get down to business!!!! “What do you want me to do”, he asked…so they let him rush right ahead, but that caused some technical difficulties because the girl/guy weren’t ready when this impatient horny guy walked in the booth!!!! So they stalled for a bit & VOILA! that angelic face appeared through the hole and the impatient guy whipped his cock right out and stuck it through.

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Lucas Kazan: Giuseppe Pardi

lucas kazan giuseppe pardi
Giuseppe’s long deserved an outdoor shoot. But it was too chilly in the Fall of 2008 (up in the Venetian region) and too rainy in the Spring of 2009 (Tuscany). Fast-forward to March 2010: sunny California, a gorgeous day and a turquoise swimming pool in the background. Giuseppe, now 26, never looked more relaxed, nor more handsome. He needed no magazines or dvds. Alone with his sexual fantasies and… Ettore Tosi, a couple of meters away!

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QCA Music Quickie: Old Dudes Sing Horny A Justin Bieber Parody

You’ve been good this week so we have a treat for you—a video of four sexy guys singing a gay(er) version of Justin Bieber’s Baby. Their version is called Horny and if you like rainbows, discos, and ice cream… you’ll probably love it. But if you dislike diapers, pedophilia, and old men moaning out of sexual frustration… well, you may not like it so much. But we promise you’ve never seen anything like it (unless of course, you’ve seen this).
Thanks to OMG Blog for the find.

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