Noah Stripped Noah Stripped
At, 19 year-old schoolboy Noah has been a very naughty young lad. Couched at the back of the classroom he writes nasty notes about respected and feared headmaster Mr Swallow. He’s not getting away with it anymore! In this detention the simpering pink-cheeked boy gets a lesson he’ll never forget. The teachers strip the arrogant little twit of his uniform, examining and groping his naked body in intimate detail. Boys Noah’s age are intensely embarrassed about their private bits so making him display them and having his tender penis and asshole touched by older clothed teachers is excruciatingly embarrassing for him. Noah Stripped
It only takes a good long session plundering his tight virginal anus to transform him into an obedient lad with good character. It’s about time this smug boy who taunts his teachers all day long with his pert ass receives his comeuppance and the pervy teachers eagerly make an example of him

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