Every Gay Porn Star In The World Retires

Every Gay Porn Star In The World Retires
While you were asleep, every gay porn star in the world decided to up and retire. OK, well maybe not every gay porn star, but at least four did including Tommy D, Trevor Knight, Bobby Clark, and Gavin Waters.
Bobby Clark Retires
Bobby Clark announced his retirement to go back to college and finish his degree in occupational therapy adding that he’d like to get a 401K and benefits. “It’d be great it they paid for my dental but all I get is facials.” He added that he did his last scenes with Channel 1 Releasing and Suite 703 adding that he might do some direction behind the camera in the future.
Tommy D Retires
Bisexual Tommy D recently announced his retirement. “Over the years Tommy D was the cover boy in five magazines, won four awards and filmed almost 300 scenes with Next Door Studios.”

“It was a difficult decision to leave something that I have enjoyed so much,” he said. “But after nine years there comes a time when your priorities change. This decision to retire was made to give me more time to focus on the other things I love in my life, including my other full time job in the construction sector…

I don’t feel like this is the end of anything. I hope that the mark I’ve made on the adult film industry will continue to inspire and motivate those that follow to forge their own path and follow their hearts. I’ve not only been a performer but also a fan of porn for all my adult life and I can’t wait to see what the next generation of young stars has in store for us. Good luck to all of you and thank you so much for all the support. Stay horny!”

Gavin Waters Retires
Gavin Waters made a statement this weekend that he’s going to be a dad and may work in gay porn for a few months but that “at a certain point, for his kid” he will quit adult work and join the Air Force for para-rescue.
Trevor Knight Retires

After 8 years doing gay porn (and a minor YouTube spat with semi-retired porn performer Nick Capra)Trevor Knight announced his retirement via a longer version of Twitter (which, back in the day used to be called “a blog post”). In it he said:

I think its about time to bid a farewell to the backstabbing and literally fu&^%ng eachother over. Im almost 30 now and I think its about that time to move on and build a life with someone, build a home w someone and build a real career for myself..

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have many bad things to say about the adult industry. I dont. I have met some amazing people and been to beautiful places around the world because of porn.

I can walk away with my head high and disease free..

{{my eyes are watering}} I would never change a thing about my past and the adult industry has played a huge part of who I am. The people (mostly crew) are some of the best people that have blessed my life. I know those people are the ones that will not leave me when porn is over. Those are friends….

He adds that he will continue to accept roles until his 30th birthday on January 10th which means that he could very well continue doing porn well into the new year. And since he also recently snagged the 2010 GAYVN Fan-favorite Award for Best Top and a few other awards in recent memory, will he end up sticking around the gay porn world for longer than he thinks? Hmmm…


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