New Site Attack! – The Full English

New Site Attack! - The Full English -
We cover many sites and once in a blue moon, we will chance upon one that is different from the pack. This type of occurrence is very rare these days because the gay porn industry has just about any site you can think of that can satisfy your desire. That’s true especially when we talk about content or niches.
So what makes our new discovery different and sets it apart? it’s all about the execution. The attention to little details which builds sexual tension, brings it up one-two-three notches higher, before Le Grand Reveal, and (sexual) relief.
The Full English (TFE) was originally created as a showcase for a few amateur straight guys in the UK wanting to enter the burgeoning adult industry and is subsequently becoming an entertainment production in its own right.

New Site Attack! - The Full English -
Many of the models are original discoveries and exclusive to the site. They have varied backgrounds – some of them do aspire to be professional adult actors and have succeeded in doing so. However, many are just natural exhibitionists earning a little extra cash; a few of the boys are even doing this because it’s a big turn-on for their girlfriends but it would be fair to say that most of these lads’ girlfriends, and in a few cases wives, have absolutely no idea that their partners are posing naked for a world wide audience…
Although this site is essentially about new models stripping down to the buff for your pleasure, TFE believes that the most interesting part of a person is actually their face and they spend time capturing the best portraits of their models before doing anything else.
New Site Attack! - The Full English -
Their main aim is to capture the beauty of the bloke next door – your postman, the Cityboy or your sister’s boyfriend and serve him up to you in beautiful high quality photographs. We love that the site mimics real life closely – When you are attracted to someone, you want to hear about his life, what makes him tick, see him fully clothed, talking, functioning “as is” before stripping him naked and seeing him in action. The biggest enjoyment is in the build up. The suspense. The anticipation.
Ultimately the experience for you the viewer should be intensely voyeuristic.
Every membership to The Full English will also get you access to My Best Friend’s Dad – a site dedicated to capturing the allure of guys aged thirty-five and upwards.

18 Dec 10 By Editor D