Massage Bait: Oily Cock Meat

Massage Bait: Oily Cock MeatMassage Bait: Oily Cock MeatMassage Bait: Oily Cock Meat
When Dodger Wolf walked in our masseur from Massage Bait was like DAMN! He can see that Dodger is one fine piece of man meat. The masseur had to tuck his boner in just so he wouldn’t scare his beefy customer off. After he got Dodger on the table, the masseur started rubbing him down…

Massage Bait: Oily Cock Meat
And with some magic touch, the masseur got Dodger’s dick nice and hard. For a married man he sure was curious about what the massage had to offer…

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09 Jan 11 By scotchtape 4 Comments


  • RL says:

    To me this looks like a fantasy come true. I, too, am married and I do enjoy a good massage. However, none of my massage therapists have ever gone this far with me. But, secretly, I wish they would. I would not object to having my curiosity satisfied.

  • JP says:

    That guy works out at my gym.

  • David says:

    Both are hot n sexy cumm to my party. Can’t await a massage!

  • Pull My Undies Down says:

    Why be evasive with Dodger? Enjoy it only problem you didn’t fuck me!
    Hairy n Hung and rugged manly type. Dodger marry me you Bear Stud!!!!

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