A-List “Star” Reichen Lehmkuhl Finally Shows Everyone His Cock

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to see what reality star celebu-flop Reichen Lehmkuhl has hidden away in his speedo. Yes, he cried throughout The A-List demonstrating the tact and composure of an undersexed 16-year-old girl. And YES he spent all his time trying to cheat on his hot Latin boyfriend Rodiney Santiago with a chubby wannabe model. But despite his lack of singing skills, integrity, or personality, Reichen’s also got the sort of tits and abs your dream about splattering cum on.
Well pictures of the himbo have surfaced on amateur webcam site Cam4.com. We’ve got some screen captures of his cock and more about the scandalette it has created after the jump!

One Cam4 viewer recognized the headless horseman masturbating live and posted this cautionary comment that all but gave Reichen away:

topandb On February 20 11 @ 11:14AM

Reichen, be careful.. I hope nobody posts this online, it could hurt your image.. Do you think this is good for you and Rodiney? Just weird that someone like you would be on here, seems like you are better than this… oh well, something is going on.

For a while no one knew whether that chiseled chest and yummy dick really belonged to Reichen or not. You see, most celebrities like Clay Aiken (and we use the word “celebrity” very cheaply) stage small-scale sex scandals like this to boost their sagging careers. But as Reichen has no career to speak of apart from designing Fly Naked jewelry for closeted military men and blubbering his way through a second season of The A-List (neither of which count as careers). So it all remained a mystery until one horny IMer asked the Cam4 star whether it was really Reichen or not. And Reichen confirmed as one would expect… cluelessly:

REICHEN · 6:11pm
Well I’ve jacked off on cam lots of times.
Is there an actual video?
READER · 6:11pm
ok. so it’s you then
no…it’s screen shots of you
REICHEN · 6:13pm
Yep I think so
I haven’t looked
I don’t look at my press and I can’t break the rule!
But lots of people are writing me and saying it’s me
REICHEN [regarding the bisexual status he wrote on his Cam4.com profile] · 6:30pm
that was probably a mistake
wait they dont’ show my cock right?
i heard it’s blurred out
READER · 6:31pm
it’s not blurred
it’s juicy
REICHEN · 6:32pm
on what site?
READER · 6:32pm
REICHEN · 6:33pm
Nothing’s sacred anymore I guess
READER · 6:33pm
well who cares. If i looked that good, I’d be happy to show everyone
REICHEN · 6:34pm
you’re helping me feel better. I guess. It looks that good?

Reichen has seemingly deleted his Cam4 profile where he used to hold his “sacred” webcam jerkoff sessions (mission accomplished, self-esteem restored?). But we’re loving every bit of this story. And we don’t mean to hate. Reichen is really adorable in that golden retriever with a brain tumor sort of way. Plus we’d totally knock his boots or slide up and down his disco stick if he bought us a drink and promised not to talk too much. Best of all though is imagining Rodiney being all up on Reichen’s cock—we bet it’s some of the hottest, dumbest sex ever.
But until the inevitable sex-tape comes out, we’ll have to settle for softcore YouTube clips of Reichen making out with two horny guys, sucking off his friend, and cumming in less in less than one minute. Oh Reichen! Why do you make it so easy?

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