Ask QC: Did A Dildo Mess Up My Intestines?

Dear QC,

Ok so I’m 19, never had a boyfriend am inexperienced and all that jazz but I met this great guy last year and hopefully we’re having our first date soon. So we got chatting and talked about what we would and wouldn’t do and sex came up. I said I’d be willing to try as long as I’m not stuck as the bottom and he agreed we would take turns… we agreed on safe sex only.

In excitement I read up online about safe-sex practices and decided to start readying myself 6 weeks ago. So using a lot of lube and tons of patience I stretched myself… it was ok. I managed so I went in deeper and that was ok too. But next thing when I pulled out there was a little blood but I didn’t think anything of it… and I stopped out of fear.

A few days after I got several stomach cramps and loss of appetite so I saw the doctor. He said it was gastrointestinitis… 4 weeks after I still had a problem and I went for a re-evaluation and the doctor said I had some other stomach acid problem and so re-medicated me. It’s 6 weeks after the incident and for the past two weeks I’ve been feeling myself again so I decided to try again but not go as far. Only when I entered I thought I felt different on the inside but then again I can’t really remember the first feeling. Am I being paranoid and was the stomach problem just a coincidence to come at the same time or have I damaged something internally? As of now I feel 100% normal but I’m concerned I might have done something bad to my insides =(

Please help, Concerned.

Let’s face it, bottoming for the first time can be downright painful. Members of Team Orange suggesting douching before letting anything up there, that way you can confidently open your ass with less fear of poo or pain. Also use TONS of lube and take a deep breath calming breath as you slide down on it. But apart from that advice, what do you QueerClickers think about his intestinal health issues? Has he hurt himself, is he over-worried, or should he watch for further signs? Have you ever experienced a similar issue when bottoming? What did you do to put yourself at ease? He could certainly use your experience and advice, so please share in the QComments section.
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