Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy

broke straight boys jimmy

Welcome to the new look Broke Straight Boys
. The newest boy to appear on the BSB’ futon is Jimmy. They found Jimmy, who was tall, dark haired and buffed, down by the beach who was visiting some friends while on vacation. As Jimmy and BSB chatted about how much money he makes at his job, BSB offered him $100 if he would come back to the studio and jerk off on camera, however, BSB told him they would pay him $50 if he showed me his cock right then and there.

broke straight boys jimmy
Sure enough, Jimmy undid his bathers and pulled out his cock, showing off his close cropped pubes as he did so. Jimmy then questioned the amount BSB was going to pay him to jerk off on camera and they confirmed that it was indeed going to be $100 and after barely a second or two to think it over, Jimmy was ready to go.

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05 Apr 11 By Dave 15 Comments