Is Fleshbot Blind Or Is This Really A Picture Of Ben Cohen’s Penis?

[Update: Cedric DeWittison from Fleshbot replies!]
It’s not like we don’t want to see the penis of sexy rugby player slash bear-god Ben Cohen. Ever since we laid eyes on his magnificent hairy chest and his ridiculously sexy ass we have wanted to see his equipment. And now that he’s decided to quit playing rugby to sstart an organization for stopping anti-gay bullying, he’s gone from athletic stud to full blown superhero.
But when Fleshbot posted a story about it, they also posted a pixelated pic that (as far as we know) is the first time we have seen his cock on any blog. If it is actually a picture of his cock, we have a hard time believing that it hasn’t already gotten on every gay porn blog and celebrity gossip site on the web. But looking at it, we’re not so convinced it is him. Care to play Sherlock Homo with us?

Cohen alternates between scruffy and shaved each time we see him, so it’s sometimes hard to tell him between shots. And while it’s possible someone snapped him while not looking quite himself, we’re not so sure.
We want it to be him because if it is, just look at that dick! If it’s like that when all floppy in a locker room, just imagine how hard and big it would be in your mouth. And while we’re at it… God, we wanna hit that fine ass so many ways that it’s stoopid. But we digress… what do you think? Is this picture actually him?

23 May 11 By paperbagwriter 23 Comments