Chinpoko Poll: How Bad Is What Anthony Weiner Did?

Hey everyone, it’s me Chinpoko! And I’m back with the results from last week’s poll!
Even though they’ve changed quite a bit over the last year, a lot of you still love Corbin Fisher! At least 59 percent of all QueerClickers enjoy their hot stable of dudes with about 20 percent of calling Corbin “delicious”, “awesome”, or even “radical”! The remaining 41 percent of you aren’t huge Fisher fans, but of those, 32 percent still call their porn “mediocre” or “bland” at worst. We’re happy to hear, especially since we’re longtime fans—PATA, PATA, PATA!!!
This time, I wanna ask you about the latest political scandal to blow up Capitol Hill! And believe us, it’s a big, long, and girthy one with plenty of blurry cell phone pics to accompany it!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about New York Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner and his, um, well… his wiener. On May 27th, he sent a link via Twitter to a picture of his hard cock covered by undies. He played innocent by declaring that his Twitter account had been hacked, but that lame excuse didn’t work for Tito Ortiz or for Wayne Godwin, and it certainly didn’t work for Weiner.
When conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart revealed that he had more pics of Weiner—including a very blurry full-on cock shot on his phone—Weiner came clean and admitted that he sent the sexy pics to several women. And ever since more and more pics have come out including the ones above that Weiner apparently took at the House Members Gym (where all the hot, ripped representative DILFs go to whale on their delts and their quads).
Some people have called Weiner a butterface, he’s 46-years-old and has a ripped body and a nice dick with shaved balls—PATA, PATA, PATA!!! All the same, some people want him to resign for being such a horn ball and for lying about the pictures in the first place. Others also feel bad for his wife and wonder if he used government resources to get his sext on.
Sure Weiner made some dumb mistakes, but how bad do you consider what he did? Share your vote and let me know what you think in the QComments!


15 Jun 11 By paperbagwriter 4 Comments