CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi and Mason Star

cockyboys mason star tommy defendi
Holy crap!! Tommy’s GIGANTIC cock looks even BIGGER next to Mason’s tight little pink hole!! It was all fun and games until Mason positioned his petite sweet bottom on top of that humongous mountain of cock. Once inside, Tommy pretty much made himself at home inside Mason’s hole. It was like watching the wolf devour the Little Red Riding Hood. Woof!

cockyboys mason star tommy defendi
We don’t know about you but, personally, we can’t think of anything hotter than that! But don’t let Tommy’s size fool you – it was just another chance for Mason to prove that he is indeed a star! Not only did he take that dick like a champ, he actually liked it so much that his load shot out of his cock like a river!

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03 Sep 11 By Dave 11 Comments