Corbin Fisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne

Corbin Fisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne
We’re not sure what Zeb is eating or drinking. He may have a similar diet to Travis. Whatever it is, we need to find out their secret and bottle it – because these guys are some of the biggest shooters we’ve ever seen!
When he’s not naked, Zeb’s gorgeous eyes and tight body sometimes make us forget what a big cock he has – and how much he likes to fuck! But when Corbin Fisher put him together with new big-dicked freshman, Wayne, we quickly remembered.

Corbin Fisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne
Zeb and Wayne kiss. Zeb pushes Wayne onto the bed. Wayne may be a little taller than Zeb, but Zeb can be pretty aggressive! He kisses every inch of Wayne’s torso, then goes down on his cock.
Wayne’s cock is rock hard. Of course, who’s wouldn’t be with Zeb on it? Zeb climbs up on top of Wayne and feeds him his dick. Wayne swallows Zeb’s cock.
Corbin Fisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne
Zeb goes behind Wayne and lubes up that hole. He slides one finger in, then two, getting it ready for his stiff cock. Wayne moans as Zeb plays with his hole. In fact, precum is leaking from his dick, he’s so turned on!
Zeb sticks his long dick into Wayne’s hole. He thrusts in and out, moaning with pleasure. Wayne tells Zeb how much he likes getting fucked doggy-style by him.
Corbin Fisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne
Zeb balls him even harder, his body slapping against Wayne’s ass. Wayne tells him to fuck him harder. Zeb is happy to comply!
After flipping onto his back, Wayne is ready to take Zeb’s cock as deep as he can. Zeb fucks him in the missionary position. Zeb’s pounding causes Wayne to shoot his load. Zeb pulls out and blasts his load as well.
Only, as Zeb keeps stroking his cock, it just keeps spurting – until Wayne’s stomach is painted in cum! We definitely need to know what how he has generates so much extra protein!

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