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Hi QC,

I am 27 year old good looking guy, have everything I need in life, I am a very sexual person and I am very much into watching gay porn to help me pleasure myself.

The only problem I have is that I masturbate differently compared to most men out there. I will find a table, and then using the blunt edge of the cornered table, press against it with my pubic bone just right on top of my penis shaft. I then lean on to it and until I’m able to raise my two feet at a level and keep pressing until I cum. I’ve been doing this technique ever since I can remember masturbating and the thing that bothers me is that it is difficult to tell other guys about it since it is unusual.

I am also a bottom and most guys that I’ve had sex with say that its my turn to wank right after they have topped me and I have to either tell them that I can’t do it this time or that I simply can’t do it at all. I know it upsets and disappoints my partner when this happens. I tried opening up and talking to a guy about my unusual technique once and he was OK with it but I’m never sure how other guys will react.

And I’ve tried masturbating the usual way of my hand stroking my penis with one hand but it just doesn’t work for me. I believe now that this is holding me back from meeting up with other great guys out there who would love to have some fun. I’ve been considering seeking help from either a psychologist or a urologist (specializing in the male reproductive system) but I would like to know the opinion of the readers here on what I should do first. Later on in life, if I decide to settle down with a guy I love, I want to know how we are going to deal with this and how is it going to affect our sexual activities together.

Please help me.


The Germanboy.

Weird masturbation technique or not we all have our different ways of getting our rocks off! So is this such a weird way to masturbate or not? What advice would you give Germanboy? Do any of you also masturbate like this? And if so has it affected your relationships or not? If you can help Germanboy answer any of these questions and more, or have any other advice to offer him, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.
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31 Oct 11 By Timski 11 Comments